New Jersey Department of Corrections Mailing Address

New Jersey Department of Corrections Mailing Address

New Jersey Department of Corrections Mailing Address is, New Jersey Department of Corrections, Whittlesey Road, PO Box 863, Trenton, NJ 08625, USA.

Phone Support

Administration, Office of Assistant Commissioner 609-826-5615
Business Office 609-826-5611
Central Communications Unit 609-826-5666
Central Office Operations 609-826-5655
Central Medical/Transportation 609-292-5646 ext. 5646
Chaplaincy Services, Office of 609-292-4036 ext.5483
Commissioner, Office of 609-292-4036
Community Programs, Office of 609-826-5649
Custody Recruitment Unit 609-826-5628
Correctional Staff Training Academy 732-282-6020
DEPTCOR/State Use 609-633-8100
Drug Programs, Office of 609-826-5652
Educational Services, Office of 609-826-5634
Equal Employment, Division of 609-826-5668

General Information 609-826-5600
Health Services Unit 609-826-5618
Human Resources, Central Office Operations 609-826-5613
Information Technology, Office Of 609-826-5642
Interstate Services, Office of 609-826-5653
Legislative Services, Office of 609-826-5623
Office of County Services 609-292-4036 Ext. 5458
Parole Board, New Jersey State 609-292-4257
Policy and Planning, Office of 609-826-5627
Public Information, Office of 609-826-5662
Security Unit 609-826-5641
Special Investigations Division 609-826-5617
Transitional Services, Office of 609-826-5632
Victim Services, Office of 609-292-4036 ext. 5299

Equal Employment Division

If you believe that you have been the victim of employment discrimination, which includes harassment and/or retaliation, you may complete the complaint form provided. The completed form may be filed with the Associate/Assistant Superintendent Liaison (ASL) at your facility (as set forth in the ASL contact list) or filed directly with the EED at the following address:

New Jersey Department of Corrections
Equal Employment Division,
Whittlesey Road
PO Box 863
Trenton, NJ 08625.

New Jersey Department of Corrections