ExxonMobil Corporate Office Address, CEO Email Address, and HQ Phone Number

ExxonMobil Headquarters Address and Phone Numbers

ExxonMobil is headquartered at 5959 Las Colinas Boulevard, Irving, Texas 75039-2298. Here, we also provided you the headquarters phone number; please use it. The number is +1 (972) 940-6000. This is the corporate headquarters address and phone number. Save this contact information for future use!

ExxonMobil has different headquarters at different locations. Let’s see the same. For the Downstream Operations headquarters, the address is 22777 Springwoods Village Parkway, Spring, TX 77389-1425.

Exploration and Producing Operations is headquartered at 22777 Springwoods Village Parkway, Spring, TX 77389-1425. The headquarter address for ExxonMobil Chemical is 22777 Springwoods Village Parkway, Spring, TX 77389-1425.

General Inquiry Phone Number

Are you in search for the general inquiries of ExxonMobil? So, for you this section is very much useful. Here, you will get the phone number from which you can get the general inquiries +1 972-940-6000.

CEO Email Address

Darren W. Woods is the chief executive officer of ExxonMobil since January 2017. Do you want to send him a message of appreciation for his work? OR Are you unhappy with the company’s policy and work style? For any of these things, please send your message to this official email address, darren.w.woods@exxonmobil.com.

Bondholder Email Address and Mailing Address

Lets move to the Bondholder details. For it here, we have the email address, so that you can get the information through email. The email address is capital.markets@exxonmobil.com. OR you can also use this mailing address: Exxon Mobil Corporation, Treasurer’s Department — Planning and Financial Markets, Attn: Bondholder Services, 5959 Las Colinas Blvd, Irving, TX 75039-2298.

Transfer Agent Contacts

If you are wanted to do the stock purchase or stack transfer, detailed information about dividend reinvestment, direct deposit of dividends, address change, then all inquiries can be made by dialing this contact number 1-800-252-1800. This contact number is for U.S. and Canadian customers. Here, we also have the contact number for the customers outside U.S. and Canada: 1-781-575-2058.

Want to use the direct mail of your letter, then this address is useful. The address is ExxonMobil Shareholder Services, c/o Computershare, P.O. Box 505000, Louisville, KY, 40233.

Please, turn your telephone at this phone number for the customer service. The number is 1-800-243-9966.

ExxonMobil Investor Relations Email and Phone

Let’s go for the Investor Relations contact details. The investor relations officer’s phone number is +1 972-940-6724. Here, the search for the individual shareholder contact information also comes to an end. The number is +1 972-940-6715. For doing email, the email address is Shareholderrelations@exxonmobil.com.

Press Contacts

The members of the media house are searching for the latest news and information. For them, some of the phone numbers are provided here. Lets have a look +1 902 490 9700 (Eastern Canada), +1 587 476 7010 (Western/Northern/Central Canada), +1 907 564 3734 (Alaska).

Basestock Contact Information

Here, you will find the mailing address of Basestock office. The address is Basestocks & Specialties Sales Manager, Americas, ExxonMobil Lubricants & Petroleum Specialties Company, 22777 Springwood Village Parkway, Spring, Texas 77389.

For the direct conversation, the contact number is +1 800-582-3645. You can also do fax at this fax number. The fax number is +1 866-463-5293.

Chemicals Contact Information

For the detailed information about the chemicals of ExxonMobile, we are providing you here the address you can use as per your need. The address is ExxonMobil Chemical Company, 22777 Springwoods Village Parkway, Spring, TX 77389-1425, USA.

Crude Oil Sales Details

Looking for the Crude Oil Sales details, the given is useful for you; You can also visit the office personally. Let’s look at the address ExxonMobil Sales & Supply LLC, 22777 Springwoods Village Parkway, Spring, Texas 77389.

Fuel and Lubricants Contact Information

This section is for the fuel and lubricants details. The information about its sales, purchase, transportation can get through these contact numbers. The numbers are 1 888 299 2883 (Americas Aviation), 1 888 968 3776 (Canada), 1 800 582 3645 (USA).

About ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil is an Oil and Gas Company in America. ExxonMobil was formed by merging the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey ‘Exxon’ and the Standard Oil Company of New York ‘Mobil.’ The primary brands of ExxonMobil include Esso, ExxonMobil Chemical, Mobil, and Exxon. ExxonMobil is also one one of the largest oil and gas exploration companies in the world. They have a good market share in various sectors, including oil, gas, and more.

Their competitors are, Chevron Corporation, Phillips 66, Valero Energy, etc.

The rates of the products of ExxonMobil are very reasonable. In the 2016 Forbes Global 2000 list, ExxonMobil is ranked at the ninth position and was also ranked in 2017 and 2018. The company’s products include Natural gas, Power generation, Crude oil, Petrochemicals, Oil products, and much more.

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Chevron Headquarters Address, Office Locations, IR Email Address, and More

Chevron Corporation is a multinational energy corporation in America. It provides every aspect of the oil like geothermal energy industries, natural gas, refining, marketing and transport, hydrocarbon exploration and production, power generation and so on. You can buy the energy products at lower rates.

It is considered as one of the successor companies of Standard Oil and is also one of the Seven Sisters which is dominated in the global petroleum industry. It is also one of the largest company in the world.

Chevron Headquarters Details

Please note down the Headquarters Contact Details given here in this section. The Headquarters Address is Chevron Headquarters, 6001 Bollinger Canyon Rd., San Ramon, CA 94583, U.S.A. You can also be able to do the direct communication with Headquarters Officer at +1 925.842.1000.

Chevron Contact Numbers and Customers Service Details

The information about the employee and retiree benefits are their with the HR Service Center. You can talk to then by using this contact number. The number is 1.888.825.5247.

If you want to contact HR/Payroll Department , then this number is useful to you. The number is 1.877.814.4274. You can get the Employment Verification inquiries from this phone number. The number is 1.800.367.569.

To get the verification about the employment for a service station employee, then you can get it from 1.877.814.4274.

Chevron Investor Relations and Media Details

Journalist who are in search of the news and updates can get the contact details from this place. Here, we have the address where you can contact media relations. The address is 6001 Bollinger, Canyon Road, San Ramon, CA 94583 USA.

If you are not able to reach to the above given address, then you can also use this address. The address is 1400 Smith Street, Houston, TX 77002 USA.

Lets, have a look at the contact details of Investor Relations Officer. Here, we have the contact number of investor relation where you can do the direct contact with them. The number is +1 925.842.5690.

Transfer Agent Details

To write a letter to the transfer agent, the here we have the mailing address. You can send your letter at Computershare, P.O. BOX 505000, Louisville, KY 40233-5000.

For the overnight mail, you can send it at Computershare, 462 South 4th Street, Suite 1600, Louisville, KY 40202.

For the telephonic talk with the transfer agent, you can use this phone number. The number is +1 800.368.8357 (Toll Free), +1 201.680.6578 (Outside the U.S.).

Social Media Accounts

Here, we have some of the social media accounts of Chevron. If you are looking for the verified social media accounts of Chevron then here we have the same. Lets have a look. LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

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Plains GP Holdings Headquarters Address, IR Email Address and Corporate Office Phone Number

A Master limited partnership in the oil pipeline, Plains All American Pipeline is a publicly traded corporation in America. It is engaged in marketing, transportation and storage business of oil pipeline. You can buy the pipelines of Plains GP Holdings in USA at your won budget.

In the Fortune 500 list, Plains GP is ranked at No. 115 for the largest United States corporations by total revenue.. Plains GP Holdings is the parent company of Plains All American Pipeline. It does business in more than 40 U.S. states and 5 provinces in Canada.

Plains GP Holdings Headquarters Contact Details

The headquarters contact details of Plains GP Holdings are present here. The noting down address is 333 Clay Street, Suite 1600 Houston, TX 77002 United States. The direct contact with the headquarter officer can be done at this phone number. The number is 1-713-646-4160, 713-646-4100.

To get more information, you can visit this website http://www.plainsallamerican.com.

Plains GP Holdings Contact Numbers and Customer Service Number

In the case of any emergency, just dial the given contact number on your cell phone. The number is 911 or 1-800-708-5071.

To get the tariff information in details, then you can just dial at this dialing number. The number is (713) 646-4568. The email address is tmbratcher@paalp.com.

Plains GP Holdings Investor Relations and Media Contacts

Want to be the investor at Plains GP Holdings and searching for the contact details of Investor Relation Officer, then this correct place will provide you the same. You can make a phone at this phone number. The number is 866-809-1291. The fax number is (713) 646-4572. You can also do email at PlainsIR@paalp.com.

All the member of press can get the details of newsroom by contacting the media relations at the contact number present here. You can dial at 866-809-1290.

If you want to talk with the Stakeholder Relations, then the given phone number is useful for you. Just make a phone call at the present phone number. The number is 866-724-5465.

Social Media Accounts

Now, we do not have the social media accounts of Plains GP Holdings. We are searching for it and will update it at this section.

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ConocoPhillips Headquarters Address, Mailing Address, Phone Number and More

ConocoPhillips is a multinational company in america. It is an energy company. It came into existence on 30 August 2002. It offers consumers energy products like natural gas, petroleum and oil. If you like to buy the oil and natural gas of ConocoPhillips in USA, then they are available at your own budget.

The company was created by the merger of Phillips Petroleum Company and American oil companies Conoco. In the Fortune 500 list, the company was at 95th position for the largest United States corporations by total revenue.

ConocoPhillips Headquarters Contact Information

In this section, you will notice the headquarters contact details of ConocoPhillips. The address is 925 N. Eldridge Parkway, Houston, Texas 77079. For sending your letter, the address is P.O. Box 2197, Houston, TX 77252-2197. The direct contact with the headquarter officer can be done at this contact number. The number is 281-293-1000.

ConocoPhillips Contact Numbers and Customer Service Number

We will update the customer service contact number soon!

ConocoPhillips Investor Relations and Media Contacts

Lets have a look at the owner relations contact details. The address is ConocoPhillips Company Owner Relations Unit, P.O. Box 5050, Bartlesville, OK 74005. The phone number is given here. The company’s name starts with A-F ORU can dial at 918.661.0903. G-N ORU can make a call at 918.661.0904. O-Z ORU can use  918.661.0905. The fax number is (918) 661-5544.

Press members can contact to media relations team at the contact number present here. You can turn your telephone at the given number. The number is 281-293-1149.

Now, lets see the contact details of Transfer Agent. The address is Computershare, P.O. Box 30170, College Station, TX 77842. The overnight correspondence can be done at this address Computershare, 211 Quality Circle, Suite 210, College Station, TX 77845.

You can talk directly with the transfer agent officer at this phone number. The number is 800-356-0066, 1-201-680-6578(outside the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico). TDD for hearing impaired may contact at 800-231-5469, 201-680-6610 (TDD outside the U.S.)

Social Media Accounts

Here, we are replacing the social media pages of ConocoPhillips which we have replaced from the official website. Lets have a look. The social media pages are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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Enterprise Products Partners Headquarters Address, Corporate Office Phone Number, Email Address, and More

Enterprise Products Partners L.P. is a midstream natural gas and crude oil pipeline in America. It came into existence in the year 1968. It provides products such as refined products, certain petrochemicals, Crude oil and so on. You can buy the refined products of Enterprise Products Partners in USA at best offers.

It also provides services like Oil and gas transportation. In the Fortune 500 list, the company is at the position of 105 for the largest United States corporations by total revenue. In the year 2010, it has also acquired Enterprise GP Holdings.

Enterprise Products Partners Headquarters Contact Information

Here, we have the headquarters contact details of Enterprise Products Partners. The address is 1100 Louisiana Street Houston, TX 77002 United States. The phone number is 1-713-381-6500.

The Enterprise Products office address is Partners, L.P., 1100 Louisiana Street, Houston, TX 77002. You can also use this another address. The address is P.O. Box 4324, Houston, TX 77210-4324. The contact number is 713-381-6500.

Further details are available at this website http://www.enterpriseproducts.com.

Enterprise Products Partners Contact Numbers and Customer Service Number

The ENTERPRISE CRUDE OIL LLC office address is ATTN: ROYALTY RELATIONS, 210 PARK AVENUE, SUITE 1500, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73102. The phone number is 405-606-4500, 888-547-0877.

If their is a Pipeline Emergency, you cam make a phone call at this contact number. The number is 888-883-6308.

For all other inquiries, you can dial at 888-806-8152.

If you want to send letter, you can use this address. The address is Enterprise Crude Oil LLC, Attn: Royalty Relations, 210 Park Avenue, Suite 1500, Oklahoma City, OK 73102. The phone number is 405-606-4500, 888-547-0877. The fax number is 405-606-4534. The email address is OwnerAddress.BankChanges@Eprod.com, RoyaltyRelationsOKC@Eprod.com.

Enterprise Products Partners Investor Relations and Media Contacts

For being the Investor at Enterprise Products Partners, you can talk to the Investor Relation Officer about the investment process. The office address is P.O. Box 4324, Houston, TX 77210-4324 USA. The contact number is (866) 230-0745. The fax number is (713) 381-8200. The email address is Investor.relations@eprod.com.

The transfer agent office address is EQ Shareowner Services, P.O. Box 64874, St. Paul, MN 55164-0874. The Overnight Mail is excepted at EQ Shareowner Services, 1110 Centre Pointe Curve,, Suite 101, Mendota Heights, MN 55120-4100. The phone number is 855-235-0839.

Social Media Accounts

If you want to follow the Enterprise Products Partners at social media accounts, then it is available at social media accounts. The social media accounts are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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