Baker Hughes Headquarters Address, Office Locations, and Contact Information

Baker Hughes Company is an oil industry company in America. Started from 1907, the company is headquartered at Houston, Texas, U.S. The company is traded with the ticker symbol BKR at the NYSE stock exchange. It is an international industrial service company. The present Chairman and CEO of the company is Lorenzo Simonelli. The number of employees working in Baker Hughes is reached to more than 55,000 employees. Baker Hughes is considered as the largest oil field services companies in the worldwide.

According to the 2020 report, Baker Hughes earned US$20.705 billion as the total revenue. Now, let’s quickly get the contact details of Baker Hughes. The contact details of Baker Hughes includes Customer Helpline Number, Help Desk Contact Number, Investor Relations Email Address and More. Kindly go through to the contact information present below.

Baker Hughes Headquarters
Baker Hughes Headquarters, Photo Credit: Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes Headquarters Address and Phone Number

If you are interested to visit the headquarters of Baker Hughes, then here is the address. The address is 17021 Aldine Westfield Road Houston, TX 77073 United States. You can follow the directions to the reach to the office.

There are several customers of Baker Hughes who are willing to get the information directly using the contact number. Therefore, here we are presenting the headquarters office contact number. The number is 1-713-439-8600.

Baker Hughes Customer Care Contact Information

If you are wanted to do the Sales Inquiry, then here we have the phone number for you. Here you can make a quick call at +18449910494.

Baker Hughes Investor Relations and Media Phone Number

If you are going to invest in Baker Hughes, then here you can contact the Investor Relations Team. The phone number you can dial is +1 281-809-9088. Otherwise you can also write an email at

Now, let’s get the Transfer Agent contact information. The office address is Computershare , P.O. BOX 505000, Louisville, KY 40233-5000. Overnight correspondence is held at Computershare, 462 South 4th Street Suite 1600, Louisville, KY 40202.  The contact number is 1-888-216-8056. The website is

You can get the latest updates about the newsroom from the Media Relations. So, the phone number is +1 713 879 2862, +44 7557 812474, +1 281 605 8399. The email address is,,

Source: Baker Hughes

Liberty Oilfield Services Headquarters Address, HR Email Address, and Corporate Office Info

Liberty Oilfield Services is a leading Oil & Energy company that offers inventive services and technologies to natural gas and onshore oil production companies. The headquarters of Liberty Oilfield Services is located in Denver, Colorado. The company specializes in Pumping Services, Hydraulic Fracturing, Frac Engineering and Designs with focus on real data to improvise production strategies. Liberty Oilfield Services was founded in the year 2011.

Are you looking for Liberty Oilfield Services Corporate Headquarters Info? If yes, this section may put end to your related search needs. In this section we have provided Liberty Oilfield Services Corporate Headquarters Info including Investor Relations contacts, HE contacts, Media Relations contacts, Sales Inquiry numbers and more. So, let’s head to the contact info from here!

Corporate Headquarters Address and Phone Number

Do you have a concern regarding Liberty Oilfield Services (LOS) services which requires attention or approvals from Top Management? If yes, please refer this section. Here we have mentioned the ways to connect with the top management of Liberty Oilfield Services.

You can share your matters with the concerned team by mailing it at Liberty Oilfield Services Corporate Headquarters Address. Please take a note of the full address info: 950 17th Street, Floor 24, Denver Colorado 80202.

If your query or concern can be resolved on phone, you can call the concerned authority on Liberty Oilfield Services Corporate Headquarters Phone as well. Please take a note of the Phone Number: 303.515.2800.

Investor Relations Email Address

Are you interested in Liberty Oilfield Services investments? If you are an investor in the company or an analyst, you may get in touch with Liberty Oilfield Services Investor Relations team for your questions or doubts. Please send your message to the team by email; this is the official email address of Liberty Oilfield Services IR team:

Media Relations Email Address

If you are from media or press and looking for media updates or interviews, this section is for you. You may connect with Liberty Oilfield Services Media Relations team by email. Please note down the email address of Liberty Oilfield Services Media Relations team:

HR Email Address

Are you looking for an opening in Liberty Oilfield Services or require Liberty Oilfield Services HR contacts? If yes, you may connect with Liberty Oilfield Services Human Resource department through email. Please write your concern to this email address:

Sales Inquiries Email Address

For sales related inquiries or information, you may contact the Liberty Oilfield Services Support team at the given email address. Please note it down:

ExxonMobil Headquarters Address, CEO Email, Investor Relations Contacts and More

ExxonMobil is a large oil and gas corporation, headquartered in Irving, Texas, United States. It is one of the oldest oil and gas companies in the US. The company was founded after descendant of Standard Oil. The company was originally founded by John D. Rockefeller. They have good market share in the United States and have business interest worldwide. They have various products in the sector of oil and gas.

The headquarters of ExxonMobil is located in Irving, Texas. They have business locations across the United States. So, let’s see important headquarters contact information of ExxonMobil including headquarters address, and more.

ExxonMobil Headquarters
ExxonMobil Headquarters

ExxonMobil Corporate Corporate Headquarters Info

They have world-class corporate headquarters located in Irving, Texas. You can visit their headquarters with prior permission and approval. Please note down ExxonMobil Headquarters Address: 5959 Las Colinas Blvd Irving, TX 75039, United States of America. You can also send your query to this office location / corporate headquarters.

Do you have any query related to ExxonMobil and wanted to talk on telephone? If yes, then please note down corporate office phone number 972-940-6000.

ExxonMobil Investor Relations Contacts

If you are looking for contact information of ExxonMobil IR, then you are at the right place. Please note down ExxonMobil IR Email Address: Please describe your query in possible way.

Please call on this phone number +1 972-940-6724 if you are an institutional shareholder. If you are an individual shareholder, please dial +1 972-940-6715.

You can email your query (only related to shares) at this address:

ExxonMobil Transfer Agent Contacts

Are you an existing shareholder and looking for more information? If yes, then please dial 1-800-252-1800 if you are calling within the US and Canada. If you are not located in the US and Canada, please dial 1-781-575-2058.

You can also note down share transfer agent contact address: ExxonMobil Shareholder Services, c/o Computershare, P.O. Box 505000, Louisville, KY, 40233, United States.

CEO Email Address

Darren Woods is the current CEO of ExxonMobil and he can be reached on Please do not send any unnecessary comments, opinions and things which are not up to the standard to the CEO. We have obtained ExxonMobil CEO email address from this portal.

ExxonMobil Media Contacts

Are you a person of media house or a journalist? If yes, then please get in touch with media team of Exxon Mobil Corporation for further information. Please note down ExxonMobil Corporate Media Phone Number: +1 972 940 6007. For Operations Media, please dial +1 832 625 4000.

Social Media Accounts, Handles and Pages

Do you have any query and wanted to follow their page, handle and other profiles? If yes, then please note down their social media URLs: Twitter Handle, YouTube Channel, LinkedIn Account, Facebook Page, and Instagram Profile.

ExxonMobil Office Locations

Many of us trying to get the nearest office location of ExxonMobil, so that we can able to get the information personally. Here, we are replacing some of the United State situated office locations of ExxonMobile. Let’s go.

Carol Stream, IL Office Address
United States
P. O. Box 5727

Des Moines, IA Office Address
United States
P. O. Box 688938

Spring, TX Office Address
United States
22777 Springwoods Village Pkwy

Source: ExxonMobil

Chevron Headquarters Address, Office Locations, Phone Number and Contact Information

Chevron Corporation or simply known as Chevron is a large American company, engaged in oil and gas sector, headquartered in San Ramon, California, United States. They have business presence in more than 180 countries. They have several subsidiary companies in the US and around the world. They have good market share in oil and gas sector. The company was established after bifurcation of world’s largest oil company Standard Oil. They have retained good market share in oil and gas sector in the US.

So, let’s see headquarters contact information of Chevron such as corporate office phone number, CEO Email, and more.

Chevron Headquarters, Photo Credit: Chevron

Chevron Corporate Headquarters Information

Chevron is one of the largest oil and gas companies in the US. Please note down Chevron Corporate Headquarters Address: 6001 Bollinger Canyon Road, San Ramon CA 94583, United States. Please use this corporate headquarters address to send your suggestion, complaint, and feedback. You can also include your photocopies to make your case.

To talk with headquarters staff of Chevron Corporation, please dial +1.925.842.1000. Please make your call during office hours only.

If your question is related to pipelines one, please dial 811. If your query is related to fuels – technical things, please dial 1.510.242.5357.

Request Financial Publication from Chevron

Are you looking for a financial publication from the company? If yes, then please note down stockholder correspondence address: Computershare, PO Box 505000, Louisville KY 40233-5000, United States. If you are sending an overnight mail, please note down overnight mailing address: Computershare, 462 South 4th Street, Suite 1600, Louisville KY 40202, United States.

Alternatively, you can dial +1.800.368.8357 (toll-free number) to get information, support and help for your stock related queries / questions. If you are located outside the US, please dial +1.201.680.6578. If your query is related to lubricants – technical details, please dial +1.800.582.3835.

Chevron Mineral Rights and Royalties

If your query is related to royalties and mineral rights, please note down land department office address: Chevron North America Exploration and Production, Attn.: Land Department, P. O. Box No. 4538, Houston TX 77210-4538, United States of America. You can also send your query on this fax number +1.866.819.1448.

If you are a private royal owner and have query, please note down office location for owner relations: Chevron USA Inc., PO Box No. 4791, Houston TX 77210-4791, United States. You can also talk with staff on this telephone number +1.866.212.1212.

Chevron Lubricants Contact Details

If your concern, or query is related to Chevron Lubricants, please dial 1.800.822.5823 for general questions and inquiries. If your concern is related to Lubewatch, please dial 1.800.394.3669.

If your concern is related to lubricants non-tech info, pricing, availability, and all other info, please dial 1.800.822.5823.

Chevron Media Relations Contact

If you are a member of media team and looking for media relations contact at Chevron, then please note down their Twitter handles below:

  • Kent Robertson, Global: @KentRobertson1
  • Jan Sieving, Midstream and Technology: @JanSieving
  • Morgan Crinklaw, Upstream: @mjcrinklaw
  • Veronica Flores-Paniagua, North America Exploration and Production: @vxflores
  • Braden Reddall, Downstream and Company Affairs: @BradenReddall
  • Ray Fohr, Africa and Latin America Exploration and Production: @RayFohrChevron

For general inquiries and queries related to media relations, please dial 1.925.218.3825 (Media Adviser).

Marathon Petroleum Headquarters Address, CEO Email Address, Office Locations, and Contact Information

Marathon Petroleum Corporation is America’s leading petroleum refining company. The company headquarters are based out of Findlay, Ohio. The major products of the company include petrochemicals, gasoline and petroleum. Marathon petroleum is also involved in marketing and transportation of its products all over the world. The company held 41 rank on Fortune 500 magazines year 2018 list on the basis of revenue which was recorded to be US$96.504 billion for the year 2018.

The company is one of the largest refinery company in U.S. and has the capacity of producing 3 million barrels of petroleum in just one day. Marathon Petroleum has about 6,900 independently owned retail outlets all over the world. The company is listed at NYSE with stock name MPC. In this article, we have compiled information about company’s headquarters address, numbers, CEO email address, Investor Relations Contact and more. So let’s see!

Marathon Petroleum Headquarters Contact Info

Planning to visit Marathon Petroleum Company’s Headquarters? You may use the listed contact information for your concerns and correspondence. Please take a note of Marathon Petroleum Headquarters Address: 539 South Main Street, Findlay, OH 45840.

You may also get in touch with headquarters official on phone directly through their Corporate Phone Number: +1 419.422.2121.

Marathon Petroleum CEO Email Address

The chief executive officer of the company is a top-level executive and should not be contacted for customer support related issues. It is our suggestion that only important inquiries should be raised with the CEO.

Mr Gary R. Heminger is currently heading the post of CEO of Marathon Petroleum Corporation. If you have an important concern to share, you may write him an email at his official email id. Please take a note of Marathon Petroleum CEO Email Address:

Marathon Petroleum Investor Relations Contacts

Having trouble regarding Investments or shareholdings of the company? You may use given contact details of company’s IR department. Please take a note of Marathon Petroleum Investor Relations Contact Number and Email Address. For Institutional Investors at (419) 421-2071 or email at 

If you are an individual shareholder and need information you may use the given link: Shareholder Services

You may also get in touch with them through their IR Corporate Headquarters Address: 539 South Main Street Findlay, OH 45840. Or call them at official IR phone line: (419) 422-2121

Marathon Petroleum Media Relations Contacts

Reporters, Press members or other Media officials may get in touch with Marathon Petroleum Media Relations team at the mentioned address. Please take a note of Marathon Petroleum Corporate Communications Address: 539 South Main Street, Findlay, OH 45840.

To speak to Media official of Marathon Petroleum, please take a note of Media Relations Phone: 419.422.2121. You may also send your request through the given Media Link: Media Inquiry Form

Social Media Accounts

You may get in touch with company through their social media profile pages. Send them a tweet at their official Twitter handle, follow them at Instagram or Facebook or visit their profiles for more. You may go through these verified Marathon Petroleum social media URLs: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.