Kansas Department Of Revenue Mailing Address

Kansas Department Of Revenue Mailing Address

Kansas Department Of Revenue Mailing Address is, Individual Tax Mailing Addresses. Fiduciary Tax. PO Box 750260. Topeka, KS 66699-0260.

Where do I mail my Kansas state tax return to?

Kansas Income Tax Kansas Department Of Revenue 915 Sw Harrison St. Topeka, Ks 66699-1000 Print your name(s), address, Social Security number(s), and the first four letters of your last name in the space provided.

How do I email the Kansas Department of Revenue?

Contact Kansas Department of Revenue by email KDOR_IncomeEServ@ks.gov or by phone at 785-368-8222 option 4.

Where do I mail my Kansas estimated tax payments?

Write your SSN(s) on your check or money order and make payable to Kansas Individual Estimated Tax. Mail to: Estimated Tax, Kansas Department of Revenue, PO Box 3506, Topeka KS 66625-3506.

Why would the Kansas Department of Revenue send me a letter?

If you have a tax debt, the Kansas Department of Revenue will send you a bill and may contact you by phone, in person or by a recorded message.

Can I file my Kansas state taxes online?

File your Kansas Income Tax Return and Homestead Refund Claim with Kansas WebFile, a free state tax return service provided by the Kansas Department of Revenue and Kansas.gov.

What is the phone number for Kansas state tax refund?


Click on the links below to go to that section’s contact information page. Individuals or businesses with tax or refund questions should call 785-368-8222 or e-mail kdor_tac@ks.gov. Taxation – Walk-ins by appointment only. Click here to schedule an appointment.

Does Kansas require an efile authorization form?

When the IRS approves you for electronic filing of tax returns, Kansas automatically accepts you. Signature requirements for Kansas are fulfilled through IRS efile procedures. Kansas does not have a signature form.

Source: Kansas Department Of Revenue