What Is The Mailing Address For The IRS In Fresno California?

The IRS aims to develop adaptable and inventive contract-based approaches to enable efficient tax management. The mission of the IRS is to assist American taxpayers in meeting their tax obligations while enforcing the law with integrity and fairness.

IRS operations are structured according to Internal Revenue Code Section 7801, which tasks the Treasury Secretary with the responsibility of administering and enforcing the internal revenue laws. Looking for assistance from IRS? Find in the coming sections important information regarding IRS and its contact info like the Mailing Address for the IRS In Fresno California?

What Is the Mailing Address for the IRS In Fresno California?

Where to send returns:
Taxpayers located in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Ohio and Washington state who previously filed their federal tax returns with Fresno should now mail their returns to the Ogden, Utah, processing center.

The Mailing Address for the IRS In Fresno California is, Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, Ogden, UT 84201-0002 (The Ogden address for filing paper individual returns).

IRS Tax Assistance

Things to consider before filing your taxes advised by IRS. Familiarize yourself with electronic filing choices, such as the IRS Free File option. Seek assistance from volunteers who offer free tax support.
Discover useful advice for selecting a tax expert. If you owe taxes instead of receiving a refund, learn how to make payments.

Business with the IRS

As business advisers and partners, the objective of IRS is to create flexible and innovative contractual solutions to facilitate effective tax administration. The Office of the Chief Procurement Officer (OCPO) assists employees of the Department of the Treasury in purchasing goods and services from external vendors throughout the United States.

This includes meeting the requirements for the Martinsburg, West Virginia and Detroit, Michigan Computing Centers, as well as all local requirements for IRS headquarters in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Additionally, there are four procurement offices located in New York, New York, Atlanta, Georgia, Dallas, Texas, and Oakland, California.

IRS Criminal Investigation Assistance

The mission of IRS Criminal Investigation (CI) is to investigate potential criminal violations of the Internal Revenue Code and related financial crimes in a manner that promotes trust in the tax system and adherence to the law. The fundamental principle of the American taxation system is that all income is taxable, even if it is earned illegally.

In many cases, demonstrating that a taxpayer deliberately concealed income from the Federal Government is crucial to establishing other criminal offenses such as fraud, money laundering, or Bank Secrecy Act violations. By performing this vital function, Criminal Investigation helps to safeguard the integrity and equity of the United States’ tax system.

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