Western Digital Headquarters Address, Corporate Office Phone, Media Relations and Contact Info

Headquartered at San Jose, California, United States, Western Digital Corporation or as trade name suggest WDC is a leading computer hard disk drive manufacturer and data storage company. WDC was incorporated in the year 1970. What WDC offers? The company offers storage devices, data technology products, cloud storage services and data center systems.

Some of the popular brands available in the market are WD, Upthere, SanDisk and G-Technology. Find Western digital listings at NASDAQ with stock name WDC. Moving to contact info, you can find in the upcoming sections- headquarters address, phone, IR contacts, Media Contacts, CEO Email and more.

Western Digital Corporate Headquarters Contact Information

Beginning with Western Digital Corporate Headquarters, you can contact the officers for important matters or approvals at this address. Kindly note down the complete Western Digital Corporate Headquarters Address: 5601 Great Oaks Parkway, San Jose, CA 95119.

For mails and official meetings, the above mentioned Western Digital Corporate Headquarters address can be referred.

How can you contact Western Digital Corporate Headquarters officers for appointments or urgent matters? To speak to the concerned Headquarters Official, you can dial and ask for the person or leave a message for him/her. This is the Western Digital Corporate Headquarters Phone Number: +1 408 717 6000.

How do I contact CEO of Western Digital?

To contact the key people of Western Digital for matters that require their intervention, we have given the Email Address of CEO Mr David Goeckeler. Please do not use this email for general enquiries or personal matters. To connect with him, you can write an email at his Email Address: David.Goeckeler@wdc.com.

Investor Relations Email and Phone

For Investment Related matters, Western Digital Investor Relations team can be contacted. You can post them your queries regarding investments at the official email address: investor@wdc.com.

To have a word with Western Digital Investor Relations team, their Official Telephone is mentioned here, you can call at: 800.695.6399.

To send your documents or post your questions by mail, this is the Western Digital Mailing Address: Western Digital Investor Relations, 5601 Great Oaks Parkway, San Jose, CA 95119.

Transfer Agent Contacts

How to contact Western Digital Transfer Agent? For shareholder services or requests, you can contact the transfer Agent at this address by mails: American Stock Transfer & Trust Co., Operations Center, 6201 15th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219.

For telephonic conversation with Western Digital Transfer Agent, you can call at this Telephone: 800.937.5449.

Media Relations Email and Phone

People from Media groups seeking Western Digital Media Relations Contacts may write to them or call on the official phone lines. Contact Lisa Neitzel, Media Relations at 1-408-717-7607 or communicate through email: Lisa.Neitzel@wdc.com.

Also we have an alternate contact of Media Relations team for you. Contact Erin Hartin, Analyst Relations at 1-303-834-3211 or send an email at: Erin.Hartin@wdc.com.