US Bancorp Headquarters Address, Corporate Office Phone Number, IR Email Address, and More

U.S. Bancorp is a bank holding company in America. It came into existence on September 9, 1968. It provides products like Private banking, Private equity, Commercial banking, Investment banking and so on. In order to purchase the Credit Card of US Bancorp in USA, then they are available at pocket prices.

The subsidiaries of the US Bancorp includes Talech, Elan Financial Services, Syncada and Elavon. Fortune 500 has ranked US Bancorp at No. 117. It is being operated in the second-oldest continuous national charter.

US Bancorp Headquarters Contact Information

The headquarters address is 800 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis, MN 55402 United States. You may have the direct conversation with the headquarter officer a this contact number. The number is 1-651-466-3000.

You can visit this website

US Bancorp Contact Numbers and Customer Service Number

You can get the details about the New clients from this phone number. The number is 844.872.4724.

The information about Existing clients is available at 844.330.6918.

You can send the request for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority at this contact number. The number is 800-289-9999. You can also visit this website

You can get the General Help from this number 800-872-2657.

You can get the details about the New Accounts from 800-653-2174.

For the questions related to the Advertising and media sponsorship, you can use this email address

You can get the details about the Business and regional communications from this phone number. The number is 612.303.9122.

For the Enterprise, brand and financial communications information, you can ring up at 612.422.1423.

The contact number for the Policy, ethics and legal communications is 651.435.7460.

US Bancorp Investor Relations and Media Contacts

Wanted to be the Investor at US Bancorp and looking for the Investor Relations Contact Details, then this is the correct place for you. You can talk with the investor relation officer at this phone number. The number is 866-775-9668. The email address is,

You can get connected with the Registered Shareholder using this contact number. The number is 888-778-1311. The website is

Social Media Accounts

Lets have a look at the social media preferences of US Bancorp. They are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. These all social media preferences are verified with the blue ticks.

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