Upstart Payoff Address

Upstart has developed a state-of-the-art lending marketplace, utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) technology, to improve access to affordable credit and reduce the risk and expenses associated with lending for our banking partners. Their AI-powered marketplace empowers banks affiliated with Upstart to offer higher approval rates, lower default rates*, and an exceptional digital-first lending experience for their clients.

Being one of the pioneers, Upstart has applied AI to the multi-trillion-dollar credit industry. It surpasses the traditional FICO score by utilizing non-conventional variables on a large scale. This approach results in better loan performance and enhances credit accessibility for consumers. In the coming sections, you can read more about Upstart, its contact info including Upstart Payoff Address.

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Upstart Payoff Address

Upstart Payoff Address is, Upstart Network, Inc., P.O. Box 1503, San Carlos, CA 94070.

Email Addresses

General support
For support questions, contact

For press inquiries, contact

For business partnerships, contact

For marketing affiliate partnerships, contact

For institutional investor, contact

For individual investor program support, contact

Phone Support

Customer Support:
(650) 204-1000 (local)
1-855-438-8778 (toll-free)

Corporate Inquires (Press/Businesses/Affiliates/Institutions):
1-833-212-2461 (toll-free).

Contact Info

Mailing address:
Upstart Operations Dept.
P.O. Box 1503
San Carlos, CA 94070

If you have questions, concerns, or feedback about the accessibility of this website, you should contact them at:

Telephone: 1-855- 438-8778 on Monday to Friday: 6 AM – 5 PM PST, Saturday and Sunday: 6 AM – 5 PM PST.
Mail: Upstart Network, Inc., P.O. Box 1503, San Carlos, CA 94070.


Upstart’s AI lending marketplace is revolutionizing the lending industry by leveraging the power of machine learning algorithms to evaluate borrowers’ creditworthiness. By analyzing a wide range of non-traditional data points, including education and employment history, Upstart’s AI models can identify creditworthy borrowers who may have been overlooked by traditional credit scoring models. This allows banks to extend credit to a wider range of customers while minimizing the risk of default.

In addition to its advanced credit evaluation capabilities, Upstart’s AI lending platform also provides a seamless digital-first lending experience that is fast, easy, and transparent. Borrowers can apply for loans online or via mobile app, and receive a decision in just minutes. This streamlined process eliminates the need for time-consuming paperwork and in-person visits to a bank branch, making it easier than ever for customers to access the credit they need.


Upstart’s aim is to make credit easily accessible based on actual risk. The reason being, credit holds significant importance. Money is a basic necessity in life and unless you belong to the small percentage of wealthy Americans, the cost of borrowing impacts your daily life. Affordable credit has played a vital role in unlocking opportunities and mobility throughout history.

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