UPS Headquarters Address, IR Email Address and Corporate Office Phone Number

United Parcel Service is multinational package delivery and supply chain management company in America. The UPS brand name is used to express its several divisions and subsidiaries such as freight-based trucking operation, cargo airline, its delivery drone airline and so on.

In short, it provides services like Freight forwarding services, Courier express services, Logistics services and so on. If you like to buy the the package of services of UPS or trucks and vehicles for the transportation, then you can buy it at best deals.

UPS Headquarters Details

Lets have a look at the Headquarters Contact Details of UPS. You can note down the address to get the information. The address is 55 Glenlake Parkway, N.E., Atlanta, Georgia 30328. For the telephonic communication with the officer, please use this contact number. The number is 404-828-6000.

You can also do fax at this fax number. The number is 404-828-6440.

The corporate office address is UPS, 55 Glenlake Parkway, NE, Atlanta, GA 30328. The phone number is 404-828-6000.

UPS Phone Numbers and Customer service Details

The customer service contact number is 1-888-742-5877 (Domestic), 1-866-782-7892 (International).

The UPS Airlines phone number is 502-329-3060 (EST).

The information about the UPS store can be get from this contact number. You can ring up at 858-455-8800 (PST). If you are the customer from Canada, then you can use 905-676-1708 (EST).

If you want to get the information about the sponsorship, then you can use this email address. The email address is

For more information, you can visit this website

To get the information about the shipping, you can call at this phone number. The number is 1-800-742-5877 (1-800-PICK-UPS®), 1-800-782-7892 (international shipping).

TTY/TDD Access for Hearing Impaired, you may call at 1-800-833-0056.

The Trade Management information can be get from this contact number. The International Import/Export Services number is 800-782-7892. The UPS Supply Chain Solutions number is 800-742-5727.

To get the heavyweight shipments details, you can use this phone number. The information about Less than truckload, the number is 800-333-7400.

For the information about Truckload, then please dial at 888-682-4652. The details of Air Freight can be get from 800-443-6379. For Ocean Freight, you can call at 800-350-8440.

UPS Investor Relations and Media Details

For the media inquiries, journalists can use this phone number. The number is 404-828-7123 (EST). You can also visit at this website

If you want to get the information from the investor relation, then you can talk to the investor relation officer. The contact number is 404-828-6059.

Computershare Contact Details

If you are observing for the computershare contact details, then this section is useful to you. You can mail at this address. The address UPS, c/o Computershare, 250 Royall St., Canton, MA 30169.

You can also use this address, if you are not able to reach to the above given address. The address is UPS, c/o Computershare, P.O. Box 30169, College Station, TX, 77842-3169.

To do the direct contact with the officer, you can use this phone number. The number is 888-663-8325, 201-680-6612 (Outside the U.S.). To contact Hearing-impaired assistance, you can dial at 800-231-5469, 201-680-6610 (Outside the U.S.).

For the further details, you can visit this website

Social Media Accounts

You can follow UPS at this social media accounts. The social media accounts are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube.

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