The Comptroller’s Office Texas Employee Directory, Phone Number and Contact Info

The Texas State Comptroller’s Office is responsible for collecting state revenue, tracking state expenditures, and monitoring the financial condition of the state. The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts is an executive branch position created by the Texas Constitution. The current Comptroller is Glenn Hegar, who took charge on January, 2015. The Comptroller is popularly elected every four years concurrently with the governor and the other elected executive branch positions. The predecessor to the current Comptroller’s office started in 1846.

The Texas State Comptroller’s Office was created in 1835 by Texas’ provisional government and renewed by each constitution.

Contact Number
Connect with the agency by dialing 711 to connect with Relay Texas for assistance with your call.

Comptroller Texas Online Help and Email

Main Office
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Lyndon B. Johnson State Office Building
111 East 17th Street
Austin, Texas 78774
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mon. – Fri.

Mailing Address
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
P.O. Box 13528, Capitol Station
Austin, Texas 78711-3528.

Tax crime robs you and it costs the State of Texas.
Mailing Address
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Attn: Criminal Investigations Division
P.O. Box 13528
Austin, Texas 78711-3528
Phone: 800-531-5441, Ext. 3-8707

Law enforcement officers suspecting tax fraud should contact CID Chief Jim Harris at the Austin headquarters, 512-463-3901.

The Texas State Auditor’s Office
Anyone with information about the misuse or misappropriation of state resources can report this information by phone to 800-TX-AUDIT (892-8348).

Source: The Comptroller Office Texas