Texas Workforce Commission Phone Number, Email Address, Email Format and More

Unemployment Tax Email Address

For help with filing and paying taxes, tax information, forms and new accounts. Email about Tax: tax@twc.texas.gov.

Unemployment Benefits & Claims – Claimants Contacts

For help with applying for unemployment benefits.

Tele-Center phone number & hours Tele-Center Phone Number and Hours Número de teléfono y horas del Tele-Centro
Call: 800-939-6631.

Automated phone service options. Tele-Serv phone number & hours 800-558-8321.

Unemployment Benefits & Claims – Employers

For employers’ help with managing unemployment benefits claims. Tele-Center phone number & hours, call: 866-274-1722 (employers only).

TWC Leadership

Commissioner Representing Labor
Job seekers & employees call: 800-832-2829
Email: laborinfo@twc.texas.gov

Commissioner Representing Employers
Employers call: 800-832-9394
Email: employerinfo@twc.texas.gov

Other Resources

TWC state office main number Call: 512-463-2222
Report fraud Call: 800-252-3642

Open records requests
Call: 512-463-2422, Fax: 512-463-2990
Email: open.records@twc.texas.gov.

Report broken links
Email: webadmin@twc.texas.gov

Serving People with Disabilities

Vocational Rehabilitation Services
For help with TWC Vocational Rehabilitation Services: Email vr.office.locator@twc.texas.gov.

Labor Market & Career Information

Labor Market Information Hotline: 866-938-4444
BLS-790 Reports: 800-827-2005
Industry Verification Reports: 800-227-7816
OES Wage Survey: 800-252-3616
Career Information Hotline: 800-822-7526.

More Program Contacts

Business Enterprises of Texas (BET)
Potential BET blind licensed managers: Call 512-377-0558
Current BET blind licensed managers: Call 512-377-0559
Career Schools & Colleges: Call 512-936-3100
Child Care: Call 211 or use the Texas Child Care Solutions contact form
Dislocated Workers: Contact your Workforce Solutions office
Employers customized training with Skills Development funds: Call 877-463-1777 or email Skills@twc.texas.gov
Employment and Housing Discrimination: Call 512-463-2642 or 888-452-4778
Foreign Labor Certification: Call 512-475-2571 or email foreignlabor@twc.texas.gov
Job seekers customized training: Contact your Workforce Solutions office
Payday, Child Labor and Texas Minimum Wage Law: Call 800-832-9243 or email labor.law@twc.texas.gov
Texas Veterans Leadership Program: Call 888-838-8391
Trade Affected Workers: Call 512-936-2559 or email TAA@twc.texas.gov
Work Opportunity Tax Credit: Call 800-695-6879
Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act: Call 512-463-2245.

Customer Relations

Email TWC Customer Relations: customers@twc.texas.gov

TWC Ombudsman:
For information and complaint resolution regarding all TWC services, contact the TWC Ombudsman:
Call: 800-628-5115, Email: ombudsman@twc.texas.gov
TWC Ombudsman Mailing Address/Mail written complaints or requests to:
TWC Ombudsman
Texas Workforce Commission
101 E 15th Street, Suite 122
Austin, TX 78778-0001.