Tesla Corporate Office Address, Headquarters Phone Number, and CEO Email Address

Tesla Headquarters Contacts

If you want to get the every details of Tesla and its products personally, then you can visit the Headquarters Office Address. You can visit the office. The address is 3500 Deer Creek Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304.

Now the Headquarters Office Contact Number is not present with us. So, we will not be able to provide you right now. If you are Interested to visit the factory of Tesla, then here is the address given. The address is 45500 Fremont Boulevard, Fremont, CA 94538.

How do I contact Tesla corporate?

Please dial (888) 518-3752 to get in touch with Tesla Corporate.

Tesla Contact Numbers and Customer Service Number

In this section, you will find the ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE Contact Number which is useful for you. The United States Roadside Assistance number is 877 798 3752. You can dial at the given phone number for the Canada Roadside Assistance. The number is 877 798 3752.

Please, note down the Mexico Roadside Assistance Contact Number. The number is 01 800 228 8145. Here is the Customer Support & Roadside Assistance (Local) number. The number is 0162 845 0660.

Tesla Investor Relations and Media Contacts

For the press inquiries, you can use this email address. The North America email address is Press@tesla.com. For the Europe and Middle East, the email address is EUPress@tesla.com. The Australia and Asia press members can use APACPress@tesla.com. For the China press inquiries, the email address is China-Press@tesla.com.

At present, the Investor Relations Contact Details are not available with us. We are seeking for it and will surely provide you at this right place very soon!

About Tesla

Tesla, Inc. is company provider of electric vehicle and clean energy in America. It was incorporated on July 1, 2003. Its products includes electric cars like Model X, Model 3. Solar products includes solar roof tiles, solar panels. The Tesla Battery products are Powerpack, Powerwall and Megapack. In order to purchase the electric car and batteries of Tesla, then they are available at discounted rates in USA.

Their competitors are, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Toyota USA, etc.

Its vehicle service includes Software upgrades, Vehicle servicing, Insurance, Improved connectivity and many more. Tesla company’s Model 3 is ranked as the best-selling plug-in electric car of all time in the world. The company was also ranked for the best-selling plug-in and battery electric in the world.

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