Tennessee Department of Education Mailing Address

Tennessee Department of Education Mailing Address

Tennessee Department of Education Mailing Address is, Tennessee Department of Education, 710 James Robertson Parkway, Nashville, TN 37243, USA.

Cabinet Contact Information

Commissioner Penny Schwinn: Commissioner.Schwinn@tn.gov
Deputy Commissioner of Operations Sam Pearcy: Sam.Pearcy@tn.gov
General Counsel Christy Ballard: Christy.Ballard@tn.gov
Chief of Staff Chelsea Crawford: Chelsea.Crawford@tn.gov
Chief of Statewide Supports (CORE Offices) Meghan McLeroy: Meghan.McLeroy@tn.gov
Chief Academic Officer Lisa Coons: Lisa.Coons@tn.gov
Deputy Commissioner of Districts and Schools Eve Carney: Eve.Carney@tn.gov
Assistant Commissioner of Policy & Legislative Affairs: Charlie.Bufalino@tn.gov

Department Contact Information

Tennessee Department of Education Main Phone Line: (615) 741-5158
Academic Standards Adoption: (615) 741-2966
Assessment: TNED.Assessment@tn.gov
Charter School Information: Charter.Schools@tn.gov
College, Career and Technical Education: CCTE.Questions@tn.gov
District and School Accountability: TNED.Accountability@tn.gov
Duplicate Diploma Requests: (615) 630-2555
Finance: (615) 741-2095
GED transcripts or copy of GED diploma: (855) 876-3774 or www.diplomasender.com
Home School Information: (865) 978-4854 or Home.School@tn.gov
Legal: (615) 741-2921
Licensure: Educator.Licensure@tn.gov
Media Inquiries: Edu.MediaInquiries@tn.gov

Private School Information: (865) 253-0901 or Private.Schools@tn.gov
Research: TDOE.Research@tn.gov
Special Populations: (615) 428-8812
State Report Card: Data.Management@tn.gov
Teacher and Leader Evaluation: (615) 856-9306 or TEAM.Questions@tn.gov
Educator Licensure: Educator.Licensure@tn.gov
TCRS (Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System): (800) 922-7772
THEC (Tennessee Higher Education Commission): (615) 741-3605
TSAC (Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation): (615) 741-1346.

Tennessee Department of Education