TC Energy Corporate Office Address, Email Address, and Head Office Contact Info

TC Energy Corporation is a leading energy company with headquarters based out of Alberta, Canada. The company is majorly involved in these three businesses- Energy, Natural Gas Pipeline and Liquids Pipelines. TC Energy was founded in the year 1951.

Currently, the company is under leadership and guidance of François Poirier, who is heading the post of company’s CEO and President. Now, moving to the contact information of TC Energy, find here – Head Office Address, Phone Number, Emergency Contact Numbers, Non Energy Contact Numbers, Investor Relations Contacts and more. Let’s scroll down for info!

Corporate Office Address and Phone Number

The company operates energy services not just in Canada but also in Mexico and United States. For important concerns or matters, you may contact TC Energy Corporate Head Office at this address: Corporate head office, 450 – 1 Street S.W. Calgary, AB, Canada, T2P 5H1. The given address can be used for all the important communication with higher management of TC Energy as well.

To get in touch with TC Energy Head Office Officers, you can also call at the Corporate Phone Line: 1-403-920-2000 or 1-403-920-2200 and 1-800-661-3805 ( Toll-Free for North America).

Emergencies Contacts

If you are looking for TC Energy Emergency Contacts to report any emergency, you can call TC Energy power at the given number. Please take a note of All Pipelines Number: 1-888-982-7222.

Non-emergency calls

For general info, inquiry or non-emergency calls, you can give a call at Corporate Head Office Toll Free Number: 1-800-661-3805.

Send Your Message

You may also get in touch with company through online contact form. Here we have given a quick verified link for your use. To send message to Company, Click here: Send Your Message.

Investor Relations Email and Contact Info

To connect with TC Energy Investor Relations, you can share your investment related mails at their address, please note it down the official mailing address: c/o TC Energy, 450 – 1 St. SW Calgary, Alberta Canada, T2P 5H1.

You may also get in touch with TC Energy Investor Relations through Phone, please call at any of the numbers given here: 1-403-920-7911 or 1-800-361-6522 Toll-Free (North America) and 1-403-920-2457.

To share your investment related concern or request, you can also send the concerned team an email at their Official Email Address:

To contact TC Energy Transfer Agent for queries and concerns regarding common and preferred shares, please send your mails at: Computershare Trust Company of Canada, 100 University Ave., 8th Floor, Toronto, ON, Canada, M5J 2Y1. You may also call Transfer Agent at the given numbers:

  • Toll-Free (North America): 1-800-340-5024 / 1-888-453-0330.
  • For calls Outside North America: 1-514-982-7959/ 1-416-263-9394.

To share your concerns by email, please use this Email Address: