Jackson County Clerk Of Court Mailing Address

Jackson County Clerk Of Court Mailing Address

Jackson County Clerk Of Court Mailing Address is, JACKSON COUNTY CLERK OF COURTS, Legal Division, 226 East Main St. #9, Jackson, Ohio 45640.

(740) 286-2006

Jackson County Clerk Of Courts Phone and Email


  • Phone: 740 – 286 – 2006
  • Fax: 740 – 286 – 5186
  • Email: clerkofcourts@jcclerk.com

Monday-Friday: 8am – 4pm

Who is the Jackson County Clerk Of Courts?

SETH I. MICHAEL, Jackson County Clerk Of Courts

Contact Address: 5000 Jackson Parkway, Suite 150, Jefferson, GA 30549

How do I contact Jackson Clerk of Courts?

Contact Camie W. Thomas

Clerk of Courts – Superior/State/Magistrate/Juvenile

Physical Address: 5000 Jackson Parkway, Suite 150, Jefferson, GA 30549

Mailing Address: PO Box 7, Jefferson, GA 30549

  • Phone: 706-387-6246
  • Fax: 706-387-6273
  • Office hours are Monday – Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm

How many calls did Jackson County EMS respond to in 2019?

Jackson County EMS responded to 8,791 emergency calls in 2019, which was an increase of 530 calls from 2018.

Who is the Clerk of court for Jackson County Florida?

Clayton O. Rooks, III

Clayton O. Rooks, III welcomes you to the official website for the Clerk of the Circuit Court/Comptroller for Jackson County.

Who are the judges in Jackson County Indiana?

The Honorable Richard Poynter Judge Jackson Circuit Court, The Honorable Amy Marie Travis Judge Jackson Superior Court 1, The Honorable Bruce MacTavish Judge Jackson Superior Court 2.

How do I contact Court’s Administrative Office at Jackson?

If a prospective juror encounters circumstances, such as personal emergencies, reasonable accommodations will be made provided. Special circumstance will be addressed on an individual basis and should be referred to the Court’s Administrative Office at this address.

Call Court’s Administrative Office at (740) 286-3601.

Source: Jackson County Clerk Of Court
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Iredell County Clerk Of Court NC Mailing Address

Iredell County Clerk Of Court NC Mailing Address

Iredell County Clerk Of Court NC Mailing Address is, 221 E Water Street, Statesville, NC 28687.

Phone: 704-832-6600

Who is Iredell County Clerk of Court?

Clerk of Superior Court / District Attorney: Mixson, Jim, Clerk of Superior Court, phone:704-832-6600

Iredell County Hall of Justice Mailing address: Iredell County Hall of Justice, 226 Stockton St, Statesville, NC 28677


  • Main: (704) 832-6600
  • Bookkeeping Phone: 704-832-6607
  • Civil Department Phone: 704-832-6603
  • Criminal Department Phone: 704-832-6602
  • Estates Phone: 704-832-6604
  • Jury Questions Phone: 704-832-6636
  • Special Proceedings Phone: 704-832-6606
  • Traffic Tickets Phone: 704-832-6602

I have started a new business in Iredell County, When and where do I need to list it?

All listings must be done beginning on January 2 and postmarked by the post office no later than January 31. You may come by their office located at: The Iredell County Tax Administration Building, 135 E Water Street,  Statesville, NC 28687

You may also call 704-928-2029 for more details.

Iredell County Government Center Contacts

Address: Iredell County Government Center, P.O. Box 788, Statesville, NC 28687

Phone: 704-878-3000

Government Center South – Mooresville Courthouse – Mailing and Physical Address

Address: 610 E. Center Ave., Mooresville, NC 28115

  • Main: (704) 799-1141
  • Clerk of Superior Court: (704) 832-6600
  • Superior Court Judges:  (704) 832-6616
  • District Court Judges:   (704) 832-6612
  • District Attorney:  (704) 832-6610
  • Guardian ad Litem:  (704) 832-6621
  • Magistrates: (704) 832-6619

What judicial district is Iredell County NC?

District 22A

Information on the District Attorney’s Office in Prosecutorial District 22A, which encompasses all of Alexander County and Iredell County, is available online.

What are the setbacks for Iredell County residential?

Different structures have different set- backs. The typical setbacks for houses or mobile homes are 35′ from the front property line, 15′ from the side property lines, and 35′ from the rear proper- ty line. On a corner lot, there is a 25′ setback from the side line adjacent to the street.

What does a clerk of court do in NC?

The Clerk is responsible for all clerical and record-keeping functions of the district and superior court. In addition, the Clerk receives and disburses money collected each year from court fees and fines.

Iredell County Pay Taxes

  • Payment Options, In Person: 135 East Water Street, Statesville, NC 28687
  • Online/By Phone, Pay Taxes Online, Call 1-844-565-2100


Source: Iredell County Clerk Of Court NC

Forsyth County Clerk Of Court Mailing Address

Forsyth County Clerk Of Court Mailing Address

Forsyth County Clerk Of Court Mailing Address is, 101 East Courthouse Square First Floor – Suite 1007 Cumming, GA 30040.

What is your mailing address for Mail, Fed Ex & UPS?

Address: Clerk of Court-Real Estate, 101 East Courthouse Square, Suite 1007, Cumming, GA 30040

  • Email: clerkofcourt@forsythco.com
  • Phone: 770-781-2120
  • Fax: 678-807-1381
  • Message: Text FORSYTHCLERK to (678) 671-5667

Who is the clerk of court in Forsyth County?

Greg G. Allen serves as the Clerk of Superior, State, and Juvenile Courts in Forsyth County, first being elected in 2008 and taking office January 1, 2009.

What is the dress code for Forsyth County Court?

Casual business attire is recommended. Shorts, tank tops, bare midriffs, shirts with controversial depictions or wording, or similar dress are not allowed in the courtrooms. The temperature in the courtroom is usually cold, please dress accordingly.

What are the duties of the Forsyth County Clerk of Court?

The Clerk receives, manages, and processes all court documents, collects and disburses all court fees, fines, and costs, and provides the public with access to court records.

How do I file a civil suit in Forsyth County?

Filing a Civil Process

Civil processes have to be filed with the issuing County. If issued in Forsyth County, the process needs to be filed at the Forsyth County Clerk of Courts office on the 2nd floor of the Hall of Justice located at 201 North Main Street in downtown Winston-Salem.

Clerk of Court’s Accounting Department Email

The Clerk of Court’s Accounting Department collects, maintains, disburses and reports on funds paid into the Clerk’s Office. These include Superior, State and Traffic fines and fees, bonds, registry payments, garnishments and Real Estate recording fees, intangibles tax and transfer tax according to applicable laws and court orders.


  • kbhughes@forsythco.com
  • adsims@forsythco.com

Source: Forsyth County Clerk Of Court

Hernando County Clerk Of Court Mailing Address

Hernando County Clerk Of Court Mailing Address

Hernando County Clerk Of Court Mailing Address is, 20 N Main St, Brooksville, FL 34601, United States.

Phone: +1 352-754-4201

How do I email Hernando Clerk?

To make a request contact the Clerk’s Office by mail or in person at 20 N. Main Street, Room 165, Brooksville, FL 34601 or 7405 Forest Oaks Boulevard, Spring Hill, FL 34606, or by email at PublicRecordsRequests@hernandoclerk.org.

Who is the Clerk of Court in Hernando County?

Doug Chorvat Jr.

Office of Doug Chorvat Jr.

Who is the judge of Hernando County?

Hernando County Judge – Daniel B. Merritt, Jr., Administrative | Gov-Judicial.

Can I make a partial payment on my taxes if I’m not on installments?

No. Taxes must be paid in full by March 31st. You may sign up for installment payments, for the following years taxes, by April 30.

Do you honor post-marked mail for current tax payments?

Yes, the postmark will be used to determine date of payment for current taxes paid during the discount period.

How do I find out what exemptions I might qualify for?

The Hernando County Property Appraiser’s website has information on the different exemptions and eligibility requirements. In addition, you may contact them at 352-754-4190.

Where do I send my tax payment, and to whom do I make the check payable?

Make checks payable to: Hernando County Tax Collector

Mail payments to: Hernando County Tax Collector, 20 North Main Street, Room 112, Brooksville, FL 34601-2892

When do taxes become delinquent?

All property taxes become delinquent on April 1. After April 1st they must be paid in “Certified Funds” such as money order, cashier’s check,  a credit card in the owner’s name only, or cash.

If delinquent taxes are not paid, they will go through the Tax Certificate Sale process the end of May.

Source: Hernando County Clerk Of Court

Duplin County Clerk Of Court Mailing Address

Duplin County Clerk Of Court Mailing Address

Duplin County Clerk Of Court Mailing Address is, Duplin County Courthouse, PO Box 189, Kenansville, NC 28349.


Main: (910) 275-7000

Other Important Contacts

Clerk of Superior Court: (910) 275-7000

Superior Court Judges: (910) 596-6616

District Court Judges – Sampson County Office: (910) 596-6612

District Court Judges – Onslow County Office: (910) 478-3612

District Attorney: (910) 275-7010

Guardian ad Litem: (910) 478-3621

Magistrates: (910) 275-7019

Who is the judge of Duplin County NC?

Robert “Bob” Roupe has been appointed to serve as a Superior Court Judge in Judicial District 4, serving Duplin, Jones, Onslow and Sampson counties. Roupe was appointed to fill the vacancy created by the retirement of the Honorable Charles Henry.

Who is the district attorney for Duplin County?

Prosecutorial District 5 – North Carolina Conference of …

The District Attorney for the Fifth Prosecutorial District is Ernie Lee. Thank you for visiting the website of the District Attorney’s Office in Prosecutorial District 5, which encompasses all of Duplin, Jones, Onslow, and Sampson counties, North Carolina.

What are the hours of operation for the Duplin County Sheriff’s Office?

The Duplin County Sheriff’s Office operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. For emergency situations, dial 911. The actual business office hours for the sheriff’s office are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

 How do I obtain an incident report for my insurance company?

You may come to sheriff’s office at 112 West Hill Street and ask for a copy at the front desk. You can also have your insurance company contact us at 910-296-2150. We can fax or email a copy directly to them. There is no charge for an incident report.

Source: Duplin County Clerk Of Court