StoneX Headquarters Address, Office Locations, and Phone Number

StoneX Group Inc. is a financial services organization. The company was started from 1924, distributing products like physical commodities, clearing and execution services (CES), global payments, securities and so on. Sean O’Connor is the CEO of the company and Bill Dunaway is the Chief Financial Officer of the Company. In the Fortune 500 list, StoneX was ranked at No. 100 for the largest United States corporations.

StoneX is trading in the Nasdaq stock exchange with the ticker name SNEX. In this article, we have provided the contact details of StoneX like Investor Relations Phone Number, Office Fax Number, Contact Number and More.

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StoneX Headquarters Address and Phone Number

How do I visit the headquarters of StoneX? For all theĀ  StoneX products users, here we are presenting the headquarters office address. The address is 230 Park Avenue, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10169. The headquarters office is open for the visitors of StoneX.

If you are in need of the details very urgently, then you can able to use the headquarters office phone number. So, here you can make a direct call at +1 (212) 485-3500.

StoneX Customer Care Contact Information

If you want to get the information on Global Payments, then here we have the contact number for you. The number is +1 (212) 485-3549.

To know about FX Prime Brokerage, here you can just dial at +1 (212) 485-3563.

Let’s get the details on LME/Base Metals from this phone number. The number is +1 (212) 379-5492.

If you want to get the further details about Energy, then here you can do the inquiry from this number +1 (212) 379-5418.

Here is the contact number for the Clearing & Execution Services Sales details. The number is +1 (212) 549-4100.

Please get the information on IFM from this number +1 (212) 774-5960.

If you are interested to know about the Securities, kindly make a phone call at +1 (407) 741-5321.

The Merchant Services information is available on (212) 379-4104.

Now, let’s know about Fixed Income from the contact number given here. The number is +1 (212) 379-5569.

StoneX Investor Relations and Media Phone Number

How do I contact the Investor Relations Team? So, here we are presenting the Investor Relations Contact Details. The office address is StoneX Group Inc., 230 Park Avenue, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10169. If you want to speak with the investor relations, then please dial at +1 (212) 403 – 7296.

If you want to do the inquiry related to the stock, then Transfer Agent will help you to solve your queries. The office address is Computershare Investor Services, 462 South 4th Street, Suite 1600, Louisville, Kentucky 40202. The Toll Free number is 1-877-238-3385. Please get further information from this website:

Later on, we will provide you the Media Relations Contact Information.

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