Spectrum Mailing Address For Bills

Spectrum Mailing Address For Bills

Spectrum Mailing Address For Bills is, 400 Washington Blvd. Stamford, CT.

Spectrum Agent Support

Prefer to speak with an agent? Can’t find the answer you are looking for on Spectrum.net? For TV, Internet and Home Phone questions, call them at (833) 267-6094. For Spectrum Mobile questions, call (833) 224-6603.

Spectrum Call Support

Speak to an expert who can help troubleshoot any service issues you may have.


Get Support Online

Find solutions and get answers to questions with 24 x 7 support.

Get support, this is the link: https://www.spectrum.net/support

Order New Service

Get help ordering Spectrum services like Internet, Mobile, TV and Voice.


How do I dispute a charge on my bill?

If there is a billing discrepancy, contact them and let them know within 60 days of your billing date.

Mail them at: Charter Communications, Attention: Customer Complaint, 2 Digital Place, Simpsonville, SC 29681

Contacting a Spectrum Mobile agent

Call them at (833) 224-6603.

Moving my service(s) to a new location

Transferring your service involves a few simple steps. If you’re moving within the Spectrum service area, please call them at (855) 702-2003 or contact them to let them know. If you’re moving outside of a Spectrum service area, please visit the Cable Mover site to learn about your new provider.

California Lifeline Phone Credit

For questions regarding the program or to order additional Spectrum services, please call (877) 906-9121.

Can I add TV or Internet to my Voice account if I am receiving the CLPC?

Yes. Visit Spectrum.net or call (877) 906-9121 to add services to your account.

Where can I pay my spectrum bill?

Note: If your services have been voluntarily or involuntarily disconnected, you can pay your bill on Spectrum.net but not in the My Spectrum app.

  • Pay on Spectrum.net. Sign in with a Primary or Admin account. …
  • My Spectrum App. …
  • Your Bank Website. …
  • Spectrum Stores. …
  • Third-Party Payment Agents. …
  • Pay by Mail

How can I pay my bill by phone?

Pay by Phone

Call at (833) 267-6094. You can use their automated service to pay your bill over the phone.

Source: Spectrum