South Carolina Department of Insurance Mailing Address

South Carolina Department of Insurance Mailing Address

South Carolina Department of Insurance Mailing Address is, South Carolina, Department of Insurance, 1201 Main Street, Suite 1000, Columbia, SC 29201.

How do I contact South Carolina Department of Insurance?

South Carolina, Department of Insurance
1201 Main Street, Suite 1000
Columbia, SC 29201
Phone: 803-737-6160

Licensing & Consumer Services

Consumer Services: 803-737-6180 800-768-3467
Individual and Agency Licensing: 803-737-6095
Specialty Licensing
Bail Bondsman, Premium Service Companies
Private Review Agents, Service Contract Providers, TPAs: 803-737-3787
Continuing Education: 803-737-6223

South Carolina Health Insurance Pool

Ph: 800-868-2500 or 803-788-0500, ext. 46401

Stop Insurance Fraud!

If you suspect insurance fraud, you can help stop it. Insurance fraud is not a victimless crime. The average family pays up to an extra $700 a year in premiums to cover the costs of fraud. In South Carolina, insurance fraud is a felony so do your part to learn what it is and how to spot it!

Report Fraud

Click here to report suspected insurance fraud.

You can download and fill out the Insurance Fraud Complaint form. Save the form and email it to or print and mail to SCDOI P.O. Box 1000105 Columbia, SC 29202

Financial Regulation & Solvency

Captives Licensing: 843-577-3415
Captives Financial Analysis, including SPFCs: 803-737-0190
Company Licensing: 803-737-6221
Traditional Financial Analysis: 803-737-6188
Financial Examinations (Captives and Traditional Companies): 803-737-6116

Market Regulation & Public Information

Public Information & Media: 803-737-5913
Pharmacy Benefit Manager Oversight: 803-734-0398
Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust: 803-737-2420


Human Resources: 803-737-6119
Budget and Finance: 803-737-6141
SC Safe Home: 803-737-6087
Information Resource Management: 803-737-6138
Help Desk Premium Taxation and Audits: 803-737-4910

Legal, Legislative & External Affairs

Freedom of Information Act and Service of Process: 803-737-6153
Subrogation: 803-737-6158
Investigations: 803-737-6092
Cybersecurity Event Reporting: 803-737-6204
Legislative Affairs: 803-737-6124

South Carolina Department of Insurance