Ross Stores Headquarters Address, IR Contacts, HR Phone and Contact Info

Ross Stores, Inc.  is a US based discount department store chain. Ross Stores headquarters can be found in Dublin, California. It was incorporated in the year 1982.You can find the products at Ross Stores under brand name Ross Dress for Less. Ross Stores Inc. is publicly listed company and is traded at NASDAQ under stock name ROST.

You can also find its listings at NASDAQ-100 Component and S&P 500 Component Further in this section you can find Ros Stores important contact info like headquarters address, phone number, CEO email address and more. So, let’s take you to the details!

Ross Stores Corporate Headquarters Address and Phone Number

Ross Stores headquarters address is mentioned here. The given address detail can be used to reach out to higher level authorities at Ross Headquarters for your unresolved concerns or other important matters. Please note down the address of Ross Stores headquarters: 5130 Hacienda Drive Dublin, CA 94568, United States.

To reach higher level authorities of Ross Headquarters, you can also contact them on phone. Please take a note of the Ross Stores headquarters Phone: 1-925-965-4400.

How do I contact Ross Stores CEO?

Currently Barbara Renter is serving as CEO of Ross Stores. If you have a suggestion regarding company’s affairs or for your concern which is not resolved at the customer support level, you can get in touch with Ross Stores CEO by email. Please note down the official email address of Ms Barbara Rentler, CEO of Ross Stores:

IR Email and Phone

To contact Ross Stores Investor Relations team, please write your queries and concerns to their email address: To contact Investor Relations on phone, please call at: (800) 989-8849.

You can also contact Ross Stores Investor Relations by mail, please note down the official address: Investor Relations Department, Ross Stores, Inc., 5130 Hacienda Drive, Dublin, CA 94568.


Currently, there are about 1483 Ross Stores in around 37 states of United States, Guam and District of Columbia. You may visit one of the Ross Stores nearby you if you are planning to purchase apparel, footwear, cosmetics, jewelry, house ware like bedding, appliances or kid’s toys or more.