Redondo Beach Police Department Mailing Address

Redondo Beach Police Department Mailing Address

Redondo Beach Police Department Mailing Address is, Redondo Beach Police Department, 401 Diamond Street, Redondo Beach, CA 90277, USA.

Redondo Beach Police Department

Communications Center (Non-Emergency Dispatch): (310) 379-5411
Main Business Line (310) 379-2477
Records Unit (310) 318-0620
Traffic Unit (310) 318-0621
Detectives / Investigations (310) 318-0614
Jail Unit (310) 318-0616
Property & Evidence Unit (310) 318-0619
Parking Enforcement (310) 318-0617
Animal Control (310) 318-0611
Code Enforcement (310) 379-2477

Other Services

Alarm Permit 310-379-2477
Block Party Permit 310-379-2477
Noise Permit 310-379-2477
Police Recruitment 310-379-2477
Domestic Violence Advocate 310-379-2477
Fingerprinting 310-379-2477
Garage Sale Permit 310-318-0683.

Traffic Complaint

Traffic Complaint Hotline (310) 937-6605.

File Police Report

To file most police reports you must speak with a police officer or other authorized City Official via telephone or in-person.

To do so, contact the Redondo Beach Communications Center: (310) 379-5411. A dispatcher will obtain basic information and assign an officer to contact you to complete the report.

Graffiti Removal

Options to report graffiti:

  • For graffiti occurring now, call Redondo Beach Police Communications at (310) 379-5411.
  • For graffiti removal, call the Graffiti Hotline at (310) 318-0685 or (310) 379-5411.
  • Submit an online Graffiti Request (requires creating a user account), or
  • Download the ACCESS REDONDO App and report it there.

For any questions or concerns about graffiti, contact the Redondo Beach Community Based Policing Unit at (310) 379-2477.

Source: Redondo Beach Police Department