Prudential Headquarters Address

Prudential Headquarters Address

Prudential Headquarters Address is, The Prudential Insurance Company of America, 751 Broad Street, Newark, NJ 07102-3777. 

How do I Contact Prudential?

Assistance with Online Account Access
Individual Life Insurance, Mutual Funds, Annuities & Retirement:
Call 1-800-PRU-HELP (1-800-778-4357)

For Customers with Disabilities
1-844-PRU-4ALL (778-4255)

Individual Life Insurance
Questions about your policy or filing a death claim:
Life Insurance Virtual Chat Assistant
1-800-778-2255 (all policy numbers EXCEPT beginning with “FE”)
Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm ET
1-833-626-1865 (policy numbers beginning with the letter “FE”)

Unclaimed Property
If you received a letter with a three digit PIN, please enter the PIN when prompted.
Monday to Friday 8 am to 6pm ET

Retirement and Pension Plans (or Retirement Plans)
Visit their websites to manage your account online. For requests that cannot be completed online, give a call and they’ll be happy to help you.

Retirement (Prudential)
Pensions Opens in new window
Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm ET
Automated voice-response system is available 24/7

Employment Verifications for Prudential Employees
To verify employment for a current or former Prudential employee, please call 1-800-778-3279 and follow the prompts for Payroll.

Group Disability, Life, and Supplemental Health
(Policies provided through an Employer)
Disability – Claims or questions about your policy:

Mutual Funds & Investments
Mutual Funds:

Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm ET
Pruco COMMAND or Investor Accounts:
Fax: 1-855-308-4434
Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm ET

Pruco Securities, LLC
COMMAND Service Center
C/O National Financial Services, LLC
PO Box 145433
Cincinnati, OH 45250-5433

Simple IRA:

Long-Term Care Policies

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