PayPal Headquarters Address

PayPal Headquarters Address

PayPal Headquarters Address is, 2211 North First Street San Jose, California 95131.

PayPal Worldwide Operations

Address: 12312 Port Grace Boulevard La Vista, Nebraska 68128

PayPal Media Relations


PayPal Investor Relations Contacts

For investor inquiries, please send an email at

PayPal Transfer Agent Contacts

Computershare Transfer Agent

Stockholder correspondence should be mailed to: Computershare, P.O. BOX 30170, College Station, TX 77842, UNITED STATES

By Overnight Delivery: Computershare, 211 Quality Circle, Suite 210, College Station, TX 77845, UNITED STATES

  • Stockholder Services – International +1 (201) 680-6578
  • Stockholder Services – Toll Free 800-522-6645

PayPal Merchant Support Center

You can contact Payflow Merchant Support center within your region by calling the numbers below.

US/Canada: 888-883-9770

Hours of operation: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Central time

PayPal Technical Support

For technical issues; such as integration inquiries or API support, you can open a ticket with technical support at

PayPal General Account Support

For general account support; such as password or processor changes, you can e-mail Payflow support at

How do I contact PayPal support?

You can message them anytime. Just log in to PayPal, go to your Message Center and choose “Ask the PayPal Assistant.” If the PayPal Assistant can’t answer your question you can be transferred to an agent. Agents answer messages between 7AM CST – 10PM CST M-F and 8AM CST to 8PM CST Saturday and Sunday.

PayPal Sales Support

Call 1-855-787-1009

How do I contact PayPal Customer Support?

You may contact Customer Support at PayPal through this link.

What is the current phone number for PayPal?

Only contact PayPal through the Contact page in their Help Center or call PayPal Customer Service at 1-888-221-1161.

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