Ohio University Mailing Address

Ohio University Mailing Address

Ohio University Mailing Address is, Ohio University, 1 Ohio University, Athens OH 45701, United States.

Residence Hall Addresses

Addressing Student Mail
Student Name
Room & Hall
Street Address
Athens, OH 45701

East Green Mailing Addresses

Biddle Hall: 51 East Green Dr.
Bryan Hall: 34 University Terrace
Bush Hall: 50 East Green Dr.
Four University Terrace: 4 University Terrace
Gamertsfelder Hall: 58 East Green Dr.
Jefferson Hall: 101 East Green Dr.
Johnson Hall: 44 East Green Dr.
Lincoln Hall: 45 East Green Dr.
Perkins Hall: 57 East Green Dr.
Read Hall: 46 East Green Dr.
Shively Hall: 59 East Green Dr.
Tiffin Hall: 60 East Green Dr.
Voigt Hall: 34 South College St.
Washington Hall: 48 East Green Dr.

West Green Mailing Addresses

Boyd Hall: 47 East Oxbow Trail
Bromley Hall 35 South Congress St.
Convocation Center 95 Richland Ave.
James Hall 8 West Green Dr.
Ryors Hall 51 East Oxbow Trail
Sargent Hall 43 East Oxbow Trail
Treudley Hall 41 East Oxbow Trail
Wilson Hall 20 West Green Dr.

South Green Mailing Addresses

Brown Hall 22 North McKinley Ave.
Crawford Hall 12 North McKinley Ave.
Mackinnon Hall 18 North McKinley Ave.
Pickering Hall 28 North McKinley Ave.

The Side Five

Adams Hall 131 South Green Dr.
Carr Hall 97 South Green Dr.
Luchs Hall 115 South Green Dr.
Sowle Hall 105 South Green Dr.
Tanaka Hall 121 South Green Dr.

For Ohio University Incoming U.S. Mail:

Name of individual
Building Name and Room/Office Number
1 Ohio University
Athens OH 45701-2979

OHIO Online Contact

Email: ecampus@ohio.edu
Telephone: 740-593-2910 (toll free 1-800-444-2910)
Mail: Office of Instructional Innovation
018 Grosvenor Hall
1 Ohio University Dr.
Athens, OH 45701-2979


Request official transcripts from your high school or previous college(s)
Email to: admissions@ohio.edu or Mail to: Ohio University Undergraduate Admissions, Chubb Hall 120, 1 Ohio University Drive, Athens, OH 45701.

General Information

U.S. Mail and Campus Mail are delivered once a day to all university departments. Bulk mail, parcels, and Express Mail are picked up on a special collection run daily. To arrange a pick-up of these items, please call 740-593-1850.

The Mail Center at The Ridges is open year round Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Mail Service Main Phone: 740-593-1850.

Student Mail Services

Jefferson Hall 101 E. Green Drive
Phone: 740-597-6973
Fall Semester Service Hours
Monday-Friday 12 – 6 PM & Saturday 12-4 PM

Ryors Hall- 51 E. Oxbow Trail Enter through Ryors parking garage
Phone: 740-593-4013
Fall Semester Service Hours:
Monday-Friday 12 – 6 PM & Saturday 12-4 PM

Mackinnon Hall- 18 N. McKinley Ave. Enter through parking garage
Phone: 740-597-7037
Fall Semester Service Hours
Monday-Friday 12 – 6 PM & Saturday 12-4 PM.