Ohio DMV Mailing Address

Ohio DMV Mailing Address

Ohio DMV Mailing Address is, 1970 West Broad Street Columbus, Ohio 43223, P.O. Box 16520. Columbus, Ohio.

What does BMV mean in Ohio?

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) issues driver’s licenses and identification (ID) cards for people residing in the state of Ohio. A driver’s license provides permission to drive in Ohio and serves as official identification.

Is the Ohio BMV a state agency?

The Ohio BMV is a division of the Ohio Department of Public Safety. The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, or BMV, is the source for licensing, registration, and other requirements to own and operate a motor vehicle on Ohio’s roadways.

How do I mail my Ohio vehicle registration renewal?

May be used for plate issuance for new vehicle registration or renewal registration. Mail the completed application and all required documents to: The Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Vehicle Information Services, Registration Support Services, P.O. Box 16521, Columbus, Ohio 43216-6521.

How do I contact the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles?

(844) OHIOBMV.

Who is in charge of Ohio BMV?

Registrar Norman has positioned Ohio as a pioneering leader in motor vehicle administration.

How do I get in line online for BMV in Ohio?

Where can I get in line online for BMV Services at my nearest location? You can get in line online by clicking Get In Line Online Service through https://www.bmv.ohio.gov/. *Please note this is not an appointment and there may be a wait time when you arrive.

Ohio BMV Support Numbers

Driver License/ID Card Suspensions/Reinstatement Vehicle Registration General Information OH|ID log-in            Mon-Fri 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (844) 644-6268 (844) OHIOBMV

Vehicle Titles:    Mon-Fri 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (614) 752-7671

How do I get in line with the BMV in Ohio?

Is it mandatory to get in line online prior to visiting the BMV office? No, you can directly visit the Deputy Registrar License Agency and get in line once you arrive at the kiosk or by scanning the QR code, if available at the agency.

How much is a license in Ohio?

Driver License & Identification Card Related Fees

First Operator Driver License      4 Year / 8 Year

Motorcycle Only License              $24.50 / $48.00

First CDL License                          $43.50 / $86.00

Renewal CDL                                  $46.25 / $91.40

Source: Ohio DMV