Kansas Department of Transportation Mailing Address

Kansas Department of Transportation Mailing Address

Kansas Department of Transportation Mailing Address is, Kansas Department of Transportation, Dwight D. Eisenhower State Office Building, 700 S.W. Harrison Street, Topeka, KS 66603-3745, USA.

Headquarters Contacts

Phone Inquiries:
Voice – (785) 296-3566
Fax – (785) 368-7415
Hearing Impaired – 711

Email Inquiries to:

Secretary of Transportation and Staff

Secretary of Transportation Calvin Reed (Acting) (785) 296-3461
Deputy Secretary and State Transportation Engineer Greg Schieber (Interim) (785) 296-3285
Office of Chief Counsel Gelene Savage (785) 296-3831
Senior Director Vanessa Lamoreaux (Interim) (785) 296-7499.

Division of Engineering and Design

Director of Engineering and Design Scott King (Interim) (785) 296-2270
Bureau of Road Design Debbie Tanking (Interim) (785) 296-0269
Bureau of Structures and Geotechnical Services Bob Henthorne (785) 296-3531
Bureau of Local Projects Tod Salfrank (785) 296-3861.

Division of Fiscal and Asset Management

Senior Director/Director of Fiscal and Asset Management Pam Anderson (Interim) (785) 296-2669
Office of Finance and Budget Brendan Yorkey (785) 296-2669
Bureau of Fiscal Services Pam Anderson (785) 296-3545

Division of Project Delivery

Director of Project Delivery Tony Menke (Interim) (785) 296-2235
Director of Safety Troy Whitworth (785) 296-2235
Bureau of Construction & Materials Jason Van Nice (Interim) (785) 296-7138
Bureau of Maintenance Robert Fuller (785) 296-3233
Bureau of Research Dan Wadley (785) 296-7410.

Division of Administration

Director of Administration Allison Sedore (785) 296-3134
Division of Information Technology Services Shawn Brown (785) 296-0310
Bureau of Human Resources VACANT (785) 296-3134.

Kansas Department of Transportation