Illinois Department of Employment Security Mailing Address

Illinois Department of Employment Security Mailing Address

Illinois Department of Employment Security Mailing Address is, Illinois Department of Employment Security, P.O. Box 19509 Springfield, IL 62703, USA.

Key Contact Information

Claimant Services Center
Unemployment insurance or ILogin questions
Phone: (800) 244-5631

Benefit Payment Control
Fraud and identity theft (you can also report fraud online)
Phone: (800) 814-0513

Employer Services Center
Employer-related or MyTax Illinois questions
Phone: (800) 247-4984 Help Desk
Finding a job or using your account
Phone: (877) 342-7533

Appointment Scheduling Hotline
Scheduling an in-person or phone appointment
Phone: (217) 558-0401.

Individuals – Unemployment Insurance

For questions about an unemployment insurance (UI) claims, certification and payment, ILogin, appeals, and more:
Phone Number: (800) 244-5631 Help Desk (for job seekers)

For support with login information (username and password), error messages, or navigating your job search:
Phone Number: (877) 342-7533

KeyBank Customer Service

For reporting lost, stolen, or damaged debit cards:
Phone Number: (866) 295-2955

Legal Services Program​

​If your Social Security number ends in 0 through 4​:
In-State: (800) 884-6591
Out-of-State: (847) 991-9240

​​If your Social Security number ends in 5 through 9​:
In-State: (888) 430-1776
Out-of-State: (847) 251-1776.

Fraud and Identity Theft

​For reporting fraud and identity theft:
Phone Number: (800) 814-0513
Fax Number: (312) 793-2356

24-Hour Tax Withholding Fax Line​

​To change your withholding status on your current claim, please complete the TAX-2 form, then sign and fax to the number listed below:​
Fax Number: (630) 495-8199

Employer Services Center

For support with MyTax Illinois, general tax information, refunds, SIDES registration, and more:
Phone Number: (800) 247-4984
Fax Number: (217) 557-1948

New Hire Reporting

​Employers report new employees within 20 days of the employee’s first day on the payroll:
Phone Number: (800) 327-4473
Fax Number: (217) 557-1947.

Illinois Department of Employment Security