HPE Headquarters Address

HPE Headquarters Address

HPE Headquarters Address is, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, 1701 E Mossy Oaks Rd, Spring, TX 77389.

HPE Sales Support

Call Sales: 1-888-342-2156

HPE Contract Support

Contract Support: 1-800-633-3600

HPE Warranty Support

Warranty support – support.hpe.com

HPE Office New York

New York, NY – United States: 461 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10017

How do I contact HPE support?

For Standard Warranty support, please go to support.hpe.com to create and manage your case. In the unlikely event that HPE’s support number is unreachable, please use support.hpe.com to contact HPE.

HPE Services Technical Support Phone Numbers

United States and Canada, Contract: 1 800 633 3600, 24×7

HPE Investor Relations

Contact Investor Relations:

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company

HPE Shareholder Services

For queries regarding directly held shares, please contact:

Equiniti Trust Company, LLC, PO Box 64854, St Paul MN 55164-0854, phone: 888-460-7641


Contact Information for Current or Former Hewlett Packard Enterprise Employees

Employee Stock Purchase Plan: Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s plan administrator for shares purchased and held in the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company 2015 Employee Stock Purchase Plan is Fidelity Investment Services. For queries regarding these shares, please contact: U.S. 1-800-457-4015.

Outside the U.S.: dial your Country specific dialing code + 800-544-0275. Fidelity Representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. your local time, (except New York Stock Exchange holidays). Online at Fidelity Netbenefits netbenefits.com

Employee Stock Awards: Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s plan administrator for employee stock awards (other than shares held in the Employee Stock Purchase Plan) is Merrill Lynch.

For queries regarding outstanding employee stock awards or requests for historical data about past awards (such as information relating to exercises of employee stock options), please contact: Merrill Lynch: Toll-free: (888) 447-7862. Outside of the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico: (609) 818-8913. Merrill Lynch website: www.mybenefits.ml.com

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