Georgia Department of Labor Email Address, Mailing Address and More

Georgia Department of Labor is a administrative agency, headquartered in Georgia, United States. Mark Butler is leading the company as the Director General since January 10, 2011.The company offers various services/products, such as unemployment insurance benefits and employment services. They have a good market share in the United States.

Georgia Department of Labor was founded in 1911. Let’s find out the headquarters information of Georgia Department of Labor in this article below. The contact information is compiled based on the official website only.

Career Center Regional Operations:

Phone: 404-232-3990

Employer Hotline:

855-436-7365 toll free

Employment Programs/Services:

Phone: 404-232-3515

404-232-3500: Agricultural Job Postings (including H2A)
404-232-3260: Child Labor Laws and Regulations
404-232-3543: Federal Bonding Assistance
404-232-3500: Foreign Labor Certification
404-232-3520: Jobs for Georgia Graduates
888-655-9340: Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Advocate
404-232-3530: Rapid Response
404-232-3505: Trade Act Program
404-232-3527: Veteran Services
404-232-3260: Youth Work Permits.

Unemployment Insurance (UI): 404-232-3001

404-232-3325: Appeals to the Board of Review
404-232-3900: Appeals to Hearing Officers
404-232-3265: Electronic Wage Reporting
404-232-3030: Employer Claim Charges
404-232-3301: Employer Tax Liability
404-232-3300: Employer Tax Rates
404-232-3220: Employer Tax Reports/Filing
404-232-3320: General Tax Information
404-232-3090: Interstate Claims
404-232-3301: New Employer Accounts
404-232-3050: Partial Claims Filing for Employers
404-232-3001: UI Customer Service
404-232-3180: UI Policies and Procedures
404-232-3320: Tax Administration.

Labor Market Information

Phone: 404-232-3875

Media and Marketing

404-232-3685: Office of Communications (inc. Press Releases)

Advisory Entity

404-232-7325: GDOL Employer Committees (local membership organizations for GDOL Career Centers).

USDOL Regional and Other Partners

678-237-0521: Atlanta Wage and Hour Office
404-962-4005: Georgia Department of Economic Development – Workforce Division, Administration of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)
404-562-2300: Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
404-232-3870: Regional VETS Staff
912-652-4221: Savannah Wage and Hour Office.

Commissioner’s Office:

Phone: 404-232-7300
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Source: Georgia Dept. of Labor