Ford Motor Credit Payoff Address

Ford Credit, the financial services division of Ford Motor Company, is located in Dearborn, Michigan. Its primary focus is to provide financing solutions for Ford and Lincoln vehicles and to assist Ford and Lincoln dealerships. The company concentrates on automobile financing for consumers, dealership inventory financing, and leasing services. Ford Credit’s competitive edge lies in its financing programs and exceptional service, including those offered by Ford.

To maintain strong relationships with Ford’s dealer network, Ford Credit provides consistent purchasing policies for retail installment sale and lease contracts, along with reliable support for dealer financing needs during economic shifts. By doing so, it has become a trusted provider of financing solutions for both Ford and Lincoln vehicles. In the coming sections, you can find all the important contact info regarding Ford Motor Credit including Ford Motor Credit Payoff Address.

Ford Motor Credit Payoff Address

Where do I send my payoff check?

Remit to Address
Ford Motor Credit
PO Box 650574
Dallas, TX 75265-0574

Physical/Courier Address
Ford Motor Credit
1501 North Plano Road, Suite 100
Richardson, TX 75081

Need more help? Contact by Phone

Speak to a customer service representative or use 24-hour automated support. For automated support have your account number ready.

For the hearing or speech-impaired:
Please contact the Operator Relay Service by dialing 711.

Where do I send my Ford Motor Credit payoff?

Lienholder Titling Address

Lienholder Titling
PO Box 105704
Atlanta GA 30348

Insurance Loss Payee Address

Insurance Loss Payee
​PO Box 390910
Minneapolis MN 55439.

What is the mailing address for Ford Motor Credit?

Here is the mailing address: Ford Motor Credit, PO Box 650574, Dallas TX 75265-0574. Also, the overnight payoff address for this financial institution is Box 650574, 1501 N Plano Rd, Suite 100, Richardson TX 75081.

How do I make a payment to Ford Credit?

Call 1-800-334-1161.
Enter your account number.
Enter the last 4 digits of your SSN or TIN.
Enter your bank account and routing numbers. (see sample check here)
Confirm the payment amount and the due date of the debit from your bank account.

Where is Ford Credit based?

Based in Dearborn, Michigan, Ford Credit is a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company that was established in 1959 and has more than 6,400 employees worldwide.

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In addition to consumer financing, Ford Credit also offers commercial financing and lines of credit to Ford dealerships, and issues commercial paper and other debt instruments on behalf of Ford. Its subsidiary, Lincoln Automotive Financial Services, provides financing solutions for Lincoln vehicles.

Ford entered the auto financing industry with the launch of its Weekly Purchase Plan in 1923. The plan enabled customers to pay a fixed weekly amount to the bank until they saved enough to purchase a car. Later, in 1926, Henry Ford established the Ford Credit Company AG in Berlin, marking the beginning of Ford’s expansion into the financial services sector.