FEMA Headquarters Address

FEMA Headquarters Address

FEMA Headquarters Address is, 500 C St SW Washington DC 20024.

FEMA Disaster Assistance

  • DisasterAssistance.gov
  • Go to DisasterAssistance.gov to update and track your application, or call 1-800-745-0243 for help.
  • Need help logging in to DisasterAssistance.gov?
  • Visit Login.gov or call 1-844-875-6446.

FEMA Helpline

Call: 1-800-621-3362

711 or Video Relay Service also available

  • Press 1 for English
  • Press 2 for Spanish
  • Press 3 for other languages

FEMA General Questions about Disaster Assistance

In your email, please include your name, the city and state where the disaster occurred or that you are commenting on.

Send an email to AskIA@fema.dhs.gov.

General FEMA Questions Phone

Call: 202-646-2500

FEMA Mailing Address

Mailing Address: FEMA, P.O. Box 10055, Hyattsville, MD 20782-8055

FEMA Region 1 Contacts

Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont

  • General: 877-336-2734, Email: fema-r1-info@fema.dhs.gov
  • Congressional: FEMA-R1-Congressional@fema.dhs.gov
  • News Desk: 617-956-7547, Email: fema-r1-info@fema.dhs.gov
  • FEMA Integration Team (FIT); Tribal Liaison: fema-R1-Tribal@fema.dhs.gov

FEMA Region 2 Contacts

New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands

  • General: FEMA-R2-ExternalAffairs@fema.dhs.gov
  • Hurricane Maria News Desk: Puerto Rico: 866-366-8807, Email: fema-newsdeskpr@fema.dhs.gov
  • News Desk: 347-416-3792
  • FEMA-R2-ExternalAffairs@fema.dhs.gov

FEMA Region 3 Contacts

Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, District of Columbia, West Virginia

  • General: 215-931-5500
  • Congressional: FEMA-R3-CongQ@fema.dhs.gov
  • Exercise Officer: FEMA-R3-Exercises@fema.dhs.gov
  • Flood Insurance: FEMA-R3-NFIP@fema.dhs.gov
  • Grants: FEMA-R3-Grants-Division@fema.dhs.gov
  • Hazard Mitigation Planning: fema-r3-hm-planning@fema.dhs.gov
  • News Desk: 215-931-5597, FEMAR3NewsDesk@fema.dhs.gov
  • Private Sector : FEMA-R3-Private-Sector@fema.dhs.gov
  • Tribal Affairs: FEMA-R3-Tribal@fema.dhs.gov

FEMA Region 10 Contacts

Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington

  • General: 425-487-4600, FEMA-R10-Info@fema.dhs.gov
  • Alaska Area Office: 425-487-4600, FEMA-R10-Info@fema.dhs.gov
  • Congressional Affairs: FEMA-R10-CongQ@fema.dhs.gov
  • News Desk: 425-487-4610, FEMA-R10-Newsdesk@fema.dhs.gov
  • Tribal Affairs: FEMA-R10-Tribal@fema.dhs.gov

FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grants Program

National-Level Contact: 866-274-0960, firegrants@fema.dhs.gov

FEMA Civil Rights Resource Line

National-Level Contact: 833-285-7448, fema-civilrightsoffice@fema.dhs.gov

FEMA National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program

National-Level Contact: 202-646-4037, gabriele.javier@fema.dhs.gov

FEMA National Incident Management System

National-Level Contact: FEMA-NIMS@fema.dhs.gov

FEMA News Desk

  • National-Level Contact: 202-646-3272
  • FEMA-News-Desk@fema.dhs.gov

FEMA Office of Equal Rights

  • National-Level Contact: 202-212-3535
  • FEMA-EqualRights@fema.dhs.gov

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