Empower Retirement Headquarters Address

Empower Retirement Headquarters Address

Empower Retirement Headquarters Address is, 8515 E. Orchard Road, Greenwood Village, CO 80111.

Empower Financial Professional Contact

New to Empower? To contact, please call at: 877-630-4015.

Workplace Retirement Support

Reach out if you have questions about your workplace retirement plan. These include 401(k), 403(b) and more.

Call: 855-756-4738

Financial Professional Contacts for Personalized Plan

For individual investors; Learn how an Empower financial professional can help you build a personalized plan to meet your goals.

Call: 855-855-8005

Current Plan Support

  • Corporate 401(k) plans, Less than $50 million in assets, Call: 877-694-4015
  • Corporate 401(k) plans, Greater than $50 million in assets, Call: 855-739-7154
  • Government, health care, education or faith plans, Call: 800-695-4952

Prospective Plan Sponsors Support

  • Core Markets, $0 – $50 million in assets, Call: 877-630-4015
  • Large Markets, Over $50 million in assets, Call: 800-719-9914
  • Government organizations, Call: 855-468-4141

Empower Support for Advisors, Brokers, Consultants and Prospective Plan Sponsors Only

Please note the following contacts are unable to assist participants.

  • Large Markets – Over $50 million in assets, Call: (800) 719-9914, Email: Retirement_plans@empower-retirement.com
  • Core Markets – $0 – $50 million in assets, Call: (877) 630-4015, Email: 401kInternalSales@gwrs.com
  • Government Market: Call: (855) 468-4141 (855-GOV-4141), Email: govtmarket-sales@greatwest.com
  • Prospective Institutional Plan Providers Only: www.fascore.com/contactus.htm
  • Participant Access: The Participant website is available at: empower-retirement.com/participant

I never received a password. What should I do?

Passwords are sent in an email that is separate from the email you received with your Username. If this secondary email was not received, please call Client Services at the toll-free number listed under the “Contact Us” link along the top of their webpage.

How do I change my email address?

After signing in, your email address can be changed via the “My Profile” link located along the top of their webpage. Select the “Email Address” option and follow the prompts.

Can I transfer this User ID to a different user?

For security purposes, they do not allow a User ID to be transferred from one person to another. Each User ID belongs to one specific person. To request a new User ID, click the “New User Authorization” form at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions.

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