DoorDash Headquarters Address

DoorDash Headquarters Address

DoorDash Headquarters Address is, 303 2nd St, Suite 800 San Francisco, CA 94107 United States of America.

Doordash Customer Support for Consumers

Call them (855-431-0459)

DoorDash Phone Support

If you are a Dasher, Consumer, or Merchant and need support, please contact: 1-855-431-0459

What is the zip code for DoorDash in San Francisco?

Doordash is located at 303 2nd St, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA.

Is DoorDash USA only?

DoorDash operates in many cities across the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. This includes Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico!

Doordash Merchant Support

Call 855-431-0459

DoorDash Whistleblower Hotline

Whistleblower Hotline

  • United States: 1-844-887-2170
  • Canada: 1-844-887-2170

DoorDash Drive Restaurant support

Phone Number:

  • US: 855-973-1040
  • US (Espanol): 855-834-8733
  • Canada: 833-512-0885
  • Canada: (Français): 833-512-0885
  • Australia: 1800-958-316

DoorDash  Drive Non-Restaurant support


  • Restaurant:
  • Non-Restaurant:

 Doordash Immediate assistance or help with a live order

Call: 855-973-1040

Doordash IR Contacts


Does DoorDash have an HR department?

Leading members of DoorDash’s Human Resources Team include Lisa Lee, Matt Valentino, Katy Shields, Lillian Bleiman, Debica Bhattacharya, Brandon Jackson, and John Sampson. DoorDash’s Human Resources Team has a direct impact on the company’s overall culture which is scored a D by employees.

How do I report a customer to DoorDash?

During or after an unsafe chat interaction, tap Report customer. You’ll see the option to report the interaction to their Safety Team and contact Support if you need to unassign from the order. DoorDash will also send a message to the customer asking them to stop using offensive language.

Can a merchant ban a dasher?

You can also block Dashers from delivering orders from your business if you do not want the Dasher to return to your store. With this input from merchants, they can help ensure the best experience for their partners and consumers.

Source: DoorDash