Dhangadhara Nagarpalika Complaints, Phone Number, Online Payment, Contact Number

Dhangadhara  Nagarpalika Phone Number,Complaints, Phone Number, Online Payment, Contact Number, Online Payment, Online Payment System for Property Tax, E-Complaint Registration, Company and Profession Tax Detail & More.

So, let’s see contact details of Dhangadhara Nagarpalika Complaints, Phone Number, Online Payment, Contact Number.


Dhangadhara Nagarpalika Complaints, Phone Number, Online Payment, Contact Number


  • Contact Address: Nagar Palika Office

Contact Numbers and Contact Details / Innformation

  • Dhangadhara Nagarpalika Phone Number: 02754 281988
  • Dhangadhara Nagarpalika Contact Number: As Above
  • Dhangadhara Nagarpalika Construction Department Number: 02754 282612
  • Dhangadhara Nagarpalika Water Wokers Department Number: 02754 261839
  • Dhangadhara Nagarpalika Electric DepartmenrNumber: 02754 261839
  • Dhangadhara Nagarpalika Senitation Department Number: 02754 282883
  • Dhangadhara Nagarpalika Ambulance Number: 02754 261639
  • Dhangadhara Nagarpalika Fax Number: 02754 281676
  • Dhangadhara Nagarpalika Comlaints Number: As Above
  • Dhangadhara Nagarpalika Website: https://www.dhrangadhranagarpalika.org

About Dhangadhara

Dhrangadhra is wonderful and gorgeous city of Surendranagar district in Gujarat state. People who are connect with dhrangadhra they know the dhrangadhra is a peaceful, cultured, and well planned city. Dhrangadhra mean land of stone and that’s why dhrangadhra well known its stone art and landscapes of stone.

An ex-Ahmedabad getaway at about 100 kms from Ahmedabad.Dhrangadhra lies on the edge of Little Rann of Kutch, an area known for Bird watching.
Little Rann of Kutch is also known to offer peek into cultural elements of Gujarat and is the only where in India where one can find a Wild Ass.Little Rann of Kutch is renowned for Lesser Flamingoes, other migratory birds and Wild Ass.

Dhrangadhra is a City and Municipality located in Dhrangadhra Taluka of Surendranagar district in Gujarat. Dhrangadhra city has 15,256 housholds and town is divided into 12 wards. Dhrangadhra city elections are held of every 5 years to elect representative of each ward.

Again a city and municipality under the Surendranagar District and it was the capital of the State of Surendranagar during the time of the British rule. This is one of the 8 pricely states of the Kathiawar Agency. This place was once ruled by the Jhala Raput Kings and the first soda- ash factory is said to have been the one built here.

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Tejasvi Shilp Sthaptya has been one of the emerging and successful Dhrangadhra sandstone block providers around the world. The sandstone blocks of this company have been appreciated worldwide for their innovative design, appealing look, superior quality and fine finish.These sandstone blocks not only tend to increase the charm and beauty of your interior as well as exterior but also withstand the unpleasant condition of weather.

Article Title: Dhangadhara Nagarpalika Complaints, Phone Number, Online Payment, Contact Number