Detroit Lions Mailing Address

Detroit Lions Mailing Address

Detroit Lions Mailing Address is, Detroit Lions, 222 Republic Drive, Allen Park, MI 48101-3650 USA.

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To send an email to the Detroit Lions, visit this page and fill out the online form. Don’t forget to write down your name (last name, first name), email address, city, state, zip code, and comment/request.

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Cub Club

If you no longer wish to allow your child to be part of the Cub Club or wish to delete all information collected about your child, please contact at If you feel they have collected personal information from your child directly as part of the Cub Club, please contact at to request immediate deletion of that information.

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Supplemental Contact Information: If you have any questions about this Privacy Notice or the privacy practices, you may also contact, or by mail at:

222 Republic Drive
Allen Park, Michigan 48101

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Sheila Ford Hamp Principal Owner and Chair
Martha Ford Morse Owner/Vice Chair
William Clay Ford, Jr. Owner/Vice Chair
Elizabeth Ford Kontulis Owner/Vice Chair
Martha Firestone Ford Owner/Chair Emeritus

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