Chicago Bulls Mailing Address

Chicago Bulls Mailing Address

Chicago Bulls Mailing Address is, Chicago Bulls, 1901 West Madison Street, Chicago, IL 60612-2459.

Chicago Bulls Support Phone

Phone: 312-455-4000 (general)

Chicago Bulls Tickets Support

Phone: 1-800-4NBA-TIX (tickets)

Chicago Bulls Guest Relations

Phone: 312-455-4509 (guest relations)

Chicago Bulls Community Relations

Phone: (community relations)

How do I send fan mail to Chicago Bulls players?

Fan Mail: Fan Mail should be addressed to your favorite player(s), care of: Chicago Bulls, 1901 West Madison Street, Chicago, Illinois 60612-2459. Community Relations.

Who owns the Chicago Bulls?

Jerry Reinsdorf

Jerry Michael Reinsdorf (born February 25, 1936) is the owner of the NBA’s Chicago Bulls and MLB’s Chicago White Sox. He started his professional life as a tax attorney with the Internal Revenue Service.

Who is the social media person for the Chicago Bulls?

Luka Dukich is the Vice President of Content with the Chicago Bulls, overseeing content strategy and execution for the organization.

Who is the highest paid Chicago Bulls?

Zach LaVine

The high-flying Zach LaVine is the Bulls’ highest-paid player, signing a massive five-year, $215 million contract last year. This may be the biggest hindrance to the Bulls trying to trade him, as there may not be many teams willing to take on his contract.

What is the phone number for the Chicago Bulls tickets?


Learn about club seating and suites by clicking below, or call them at 312-455-4000 to inquire about Courtside or Main Floor seats.

How do I contact Chicago Bulls by email?

For general inquiries, contact the Chicago Bulls Community Relations team at

What if I don’t have a smartphone or I have additional questions about mobile ticketing at this time?

If you do not have a smartphone, please contact Chicago Bulls ticket office at 312.455.4000 for assistance.

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