XPO Logistics Headquarters Address, Corporate Office Phone, IR Email and More Contacts

With headquarters at Greenwich, Connecticut, United States, XPO Logistics is a trusted name for Logistics solutions. The company offers global logistics and supply chain solutions to its client companies. You can find its services in around 30 countries. XPO Logistics is a listed company. You can find its listing at one of the most popular stock exchanges in the world- New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Follow its stocks under ticker name XPO at NYSE.

Where can your post your important official correspondence or suggestions for XPO Logistics? Here in this section we have mentioned several ways to connect with XPO Logistics Authorities. So, moving now to contact information of XPO Logistics – find here XPO Logistics Headquarters Address, Corporate Phone Number, Contact Number, CEO Email Address, Investor Relations Contact Email, Media Inquiries Email and more.

XPO Logistics Headquarters Contact Information

XPO Logistics Headquarters base is established in Greenwich, CT, United States. You can reach out XPO Logistics top level authorities at their Headquarters Address. This is the whole address info of XPO Logistics Headquarters Address: XPO Logistics, Inc., Five American Lane, Greenwich, CT 06831, United States of America. Please do not hesitate to approach XPO Logistics for urgent matters or concerns.

To get prompt response or to share urgent matters to related to XPO Logistics services, you can connect with XPO authorities at this number: (844) PICK XPO, (844) 742-5976 (General Inquiry Number).

Media Inquiries Email Address

Professionals from Media Groups can send in their media inquiries and requests to XPO Logistics Media Relations team at their official Media Inquiries Email Address: press@xpo.com. We request you to not to send emails other than media at this email address.

Investor Relations Email Address

Investors and Anaysts can contact XPO Logistics Investor Relations through email as well. Please use this Email Address to post your investment related questions or soft copies at their Email Address: investors@xpo.com.

CEO Email Address

You can also connect with XPO Logistics CEO Mr. Brad Jacobs for important and priority concerns. Let’s tell you how you can connect with CEO of XPO Logistics? You can send your matters or requests through an email, this is the official Email Address of Mr. Brad Jacobs: brad.jacobs@xpo.com.

C H Robinson Worldwide Headquarters Address, Media Inquiries Email, IR Email and More

C.H. Robinson is a well established transportation and logistics company. The headquarters of C.H. Robinson is based out of Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States. The company facilitates multimodal transportation services and third-party logistics solution like warehousing, freight transportation, transportation management and brokerage.

C.H. Robinson was incorporated in the year 1905 and is a listed company with registration at NASDAQ with stock name CHRW. Let’s move to C.H. Robinson contact information including headquarters address, corporate contact number, general enquiry number, media relations contacts and more.

C.H. Robinson Corporate Headquarters Address and Phone Number

C.H. Robinson is a trusted name in transportation and logistics services and is offering services globally. If you wish to share your concern with the company’s corporate staff, you can use the address details of company’s global headquarters. You can mail or visit C.H. Robinson headquarters, this is the C H Robinson Corporate Office Address: 14701 Charlson Road, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA.

To speak to the concerned C. H. Robinson headquarters staff, you can call at corporate phone, please note down the C H Robinson Head Office Phone Number: 952-683-2800.

Media Inquiries Email and Phone

This section is meant for Media Professionals like journalist, reporter or similar profiles. You can share or request media inquiries with C.H. Robinson Media Relations on phone, please note down the Media Relations Phone Number: 952-683-3978. Please note that non-media questions and subjects will not be responded at this number.

Also you can share your media request or question by email. Please note down the Media Inquiries Email Address: publicrelations@chrobinson.com.

IR Email and Phone

For shareholder services, you can call the C.H. Robinson Transfer Agent or Shareholder Services Contact at the given phone line, please note it down – Shareholder Services Contact Number: 952-683-2800.

For investment related queries or requests, please get in touch with C.H. Robinson IR department. You can speak to the Investor Relations at this Phone Number: 952-683-5007. You can also share your concern through an email, please note down the Investor Relations Email Address: investorrelations@chrobinson.com.

General Inquiry Email Address

Here we have provided C.H. Robinson important contact numbers or general inquiry numbers for help and support, please refer the details here:

  • For Sales Inquiries, call at C H Robinson Sales Inquiries Contact Number: 1-800-323-7587.
  • To speak to Customer Support, call at C H Robinson Customer Service Number: 1-855-229-6128.
  • To contact Carrier Services, call at C H Robinson Carrier Services Contact Number: 1-800-326-9977.