Suncor Energy Head Office Address, Email Address and Phone Number

Suncor Energy is a leading energy company. It is a Canada based company. It was founded in the year 1919. The headquarters of Suncor Energy is based out of Calgary, Alberta. Suncor Energy is majorly involved in production of synthetic crude from oil sands. Some of the products produced by the company include Petroleum, Petrochemicals, Natural Gas and more.

Suncor Energy is a publicly traded company and is considered as one of the largest public companies in the world. If you are interested in Suncor Energy Stocks, you can follow its listings at Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE) and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) with traded symbol SU. Furthermore in this section, you can find Suncor Energy Headquarters Address, Phone Number, General Inquiry Numbers, Investor Relations Contacts, Media Relations contacts and more.

Corporate Head Office Address and Phone Number

Suncor Energy has a good presence in Canada. Here in this section we have listed Suncor Energy Corporate Headquarters Address details and contact numbers. You may get in touch with officials at Suncor Headquarters by mail at the given address, please note it down: Corporate Head Office, Suncor Energy Inc., P.O. Box 2844, 150 – 6 Avenue S.W., Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 3E3.

If you wish to share your matters or concern on phone, you can call at the given Corporate Telephone to speak to the concerned authority. Please take a note of the phone number: 403-296-8000. You can also connect with Suncor Headquarters through fax, please note down the Fax number: 403-296-3030.

Investor Relations Email and Phone

If you are an existing investor in Suncor and need support from Suncor Investor Relations regarding your investments, please get in touch with the them through this phone number: 1-800-558-9071. You may also share your questions or requests through email. Please note down the official email address of Suncor Investor Relations:

Media Relations Email and Phone

If you belong to any media or press and need to get in touch with company for media inquiries or updates, read here. You can contact Suncor Media Relations team on their official phone:1-833-296-4570 or send in your media request at their Email Address:

For media deadlines or emergencies, please call the team at this number: 403-852-7587. Please note that only media related calls and emails will be entertained at the given contacts.

For Emergencies

To connect with Suncor energy team for emergencies, please call at Emergency Helpline: 403-296-3000.

General Inquiries Email and Phone

To get more info or get answers to your queries regarding company’s products and services, you can call at the General Inquiries Main Switchboard: 1-866-SUNCOR-1 (1-866-786-2671). You may also share your queries by email. Please send email at this address: Suncor Information (

Husky Energy Headquarters Address, and Corporate Office Information

Husky Energy is a well established integrated energy company based out of Canada. The headquarters of Husky Energy is located in Calgary, Alberta. Husky Energy is a publicly traded company. If you are interested in Husky Energy Common shares you can watch its stock listings at TSX under stock name HSE. Husky Energy was founded in the year 1938.

The company is acquired by the Cenovus group of companies on January 1, 2021. After the acquisition, Husky Energy is considered as one of the largest oil and natural gas producer and refiner company in Canada. Coming to the contact information of Husky Energy, in this article, you can get details about Husky Energy Corporate Head Office Address, Mailing Address, Investor Relations contacts, Community Relations contacts, HR contacts and more.

Corporate Office Address and Mailing Address

The company has operations in Asia Pacific Region, Western and Atlantic Canada and US. Read in this section about ways to connect with Husky Energy Head Office. You can share your important matters or message with the corporate officials at Husky Energy Corporate Office Address.

Please note down the Husky energy Corporate Headquarters Address: 707 8th Avenue Southwest Box 6525 Station D Calgary, AB T2P 3G7 Canada. If you are planning to visit headquarters, we suggest an official appointment in advance.

To send your official documents, you can use the given Husky Energy Mailing address, please note it down: Box 6525, Station “D”, Calgary, Alberta T2P 3G7, Canada.

Investor Relations Contacts

Existing investors seeking support from Husky Energy Investor Relations  may contact the dedicated team at the given address: Investor Relations, 225 6 Ave SW, PO Box 766, Calgary, AB T2P 0M5. You may also share your investment related inquiries and requests with Husky Energy Investor Relations by email. Here is the email address of Husky Energy Investor Relations:

To connect with Investor Relations, you can also call at their official phone: (403) 766-7711. Alternatively, you may also call at Toll Free Phone Line: 1 (877) 766-2066 (Toll free in Canada).

Indigenous & Community Relations

For inquiries regarding Indigenious or community relations please get in touch with the dedicated team through this email address:

Ground Disturbance Requests

For concerns regarding Ground Disturbance, you may connect with Husky Energy concerned team by email. Please send your request at this email address:

HR Email/Recruitment Email

If you are looking for a job opening with Husky Energy, please note down the email address of Husky Energy HR department. You may send your job application or request at this email address: