Bell Canada Headquarters Address, CEO Email Address, Phone and More

Bell Canada is a leading telecommunications company based out in Canada. The headquarters of Bell Canada is established in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Bell Canada is a subsidiary company and holds one of the major assets of its parent group BCE Inc.

The company was founded in the year 1880 and is currently under remarkable execution of CEO Mirko Bibic. If you have a suggestion or concern to share with him, you can refer his contact details in the coming sections of this article. Along with this, we have also included Bell Canada Headquarters Contact Address Info, phone number, Investor Relations Contact Info and more. Let’s get to the contact details!

Bell Canada Headquarters Address and Phone Number

Looking for headquarters address of Bell Canada? Here is the complete address information of Bell Canada Headquarters: 1 Carrefour Alexander-Graham-Bell, Building A, 4th Floor, Verdun, Québec, H3E 3B3.

You can also contact Bell Canada Headquarters on the given phone line: 1-800-339-635. You are free to share your concerns, feedback or suggestion regarding company’s services and products on the given address by mail or on phone line mentioned here.

Bell Canada CEO Email Address

If you are trying to connect with Bell Canada CEO, you can get in touch with him by email. Here we have mentioned email address of Mr. Mirko Bibic who is currently handling the position of CEO of Bell Canada. Please take a note of CEO Mirko Bibic Email Address:

Investor Relations Contact Info

This section is for the use of Investors and Analysts. Let’s take a look at the Bell Canada Investor Relations team. If you are an institutional investors or analysts, you can contact: Thane Fotopoulos (Vice President, Investors Relations) at address: 1, Carrefour Alexander-Graham-Bell, Building A, 8th Floor, Verdun, Québec H3E 3B3.

You can also contact on phone or fax, please note down the numbers, Telephone:1-800-339-6353 and Fax: 514-786-3970. For email, please send it to:

If you are an individual investor, you can contact: Lyne Roy (Manager, Investor Relations) at address: 1, Carrefour Alexander Graham Bell, Building A, 8th Floor, Verdun, Québec H3E 3B3. For phone, please call at: 1-800-339-6353 or send Fax: 514-786-3970. For emails, please send it to:

General Inquiries

In this section you can find general inquiries contact information. If you have a query or suggestion, you can send it at the given voicemail number or email. Please do mention your name and contact number.

  • Please note down the BCE general voicemail: 1-888-932-6666
  • For email, send it to:
  • For fax : 514-766-5735

Media Relations Email

Members from press or any other media editorial may send their media related inquiries or requests to Bell Canada Media Relations at the given email address: