American Home Shield Payment Address

American Home Shield Payment Address

American Home Shield Payment Address is, American Home Shield Corporation, 150 Peabody Pl. Suite 300, Memphis, TN, 38103.

Agent Contacts

Need help? Talk to Shield Agents 24/7, call: 888.682.1043

Support Numbers

Sales: 888 682 1043

For Service: 800.858.1922

Media-Related Inquiries

For media inquiries please email

Address of Record

Address: 3400 Players Club Parkway, Suite 300, Memphis, TN 38125

How do I send an email to American Home Shield?

You can contact the American Home Shield corporate office with plenty of options. First, you can call the office via phone and talk to the Shield agents 24/7 at 1-888-682-1043. Next, you can send a message to American Home Shield email

How do I request service?

Once your coverage begins, you can request service 24/7 online. You can also call 833.706.2863 to request service.

They thought the issue was fixed, but it’s not. Can the Pro come back?

Yes. They offer a 30-day workmanship guarantee, which means if you have an issue regarding your completed repair within 30-days of service, we’ll send a Pro back out for free. Either request service online or call 833.706.2864.

How do I make sure my coverage continues/renews when the year is up?

If you have set up automatic payments with them, they will send your next year’s agreement at least 30 days before your current contract expires. If you do not have automatic payments set up, you can contact them to continue coverage by logging into MyAccount or calling 833.706.2869.

How do I cancel my contract?

To cancel your contract, please call 833.706.2865 and a customer representative will assist you.

Please note, if you are moving, you can transfer the remainder of your plan to the new buyer and set up coverage for your new home. Call 833.706.2866 to transfer your warranty.

Can I customize my payment options?

Yes, you can pay monthly (for no additional finance fee) or annually. If there’s a specific day you want to start your billing cycle each month, call 833.706.2870. You can also pay by checking account, credit or debit card.

Source: American Home Shield