Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Contact Details, Complaint Number, Helpline Number

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Contact Details, Complaint Number, Helpline Number details given here. Ahmedabad is a historical and industrial city of Gujarat. After acquiring the status of a mega city, its rate of growth and development has surprisingly increased.

The local self government of the city, namely Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, emerged as the first people’s representative council or democratic body in India.

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation
Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Contact Details, Complaint Number, Helpline Number

Amdavad Municipal Corporation
Mahanagar Seva Sadan
Sardar Patel Bhavan
Ahmedabad – 380001.
Gujarat, India.

Phone: Office: +91-79-25391811 to 25391830, Fax: +91-79-25350926

Comprehensive Complaint Redressal System (CCRS) : 155303
Control Room Danapith : 25353858,25353717
Housing Cell Department : 25391811 , Ext. No: – 811

Email :info@ahmedabadcity.gov.in

Website Owner
Municipal Commissioner
Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation
Phone 25352828
Fax 25354638
e-Mail mc@ahmedabadcity.gov.in

Designation Office Phone Number
Municipal Commissioner 25352828
Assistant Manager / PS to MC 25391811
Executive Assistant to MC 25352828
Executive Assistant to MC 25391811
Asst.Manager (Central Office) 25391811
Deputy Municipal Commissioner CEO,Smart City (SCADL),Property Tax, Prof. Tax / Vehicle Tax, Planning & Census,E-Gov, U. I. D. , Shops & Estt. 25353303
Deputy Municipal Commissioner (Sanitation , Solid Waste Management(SWM), Swachh Bharat Mission(SBM), Central Workshop, Housing Project, S.N.P, G.S.Y, G.K.M, Publicity, Pr and Proto., Fire Brigade, Communication, Disaster Management, Security, C.N.C.D, Slughter House,Central Record)) 25391847
Deputy Municipal Commissioner (SRFDCL, Administration, Legal, I.R, Vigilance, Quality Control, Typist Pool, Metro Project. Coordination) 25353042
Deputy Municipal Commissioner (East Zone, Road Project , Bridge Project , Traffic Engineering , Engineering Personnel and Administration, Estate , Urban Development Department , Town Planning Scheme, Non-Tax Revenue) 22970500
Deputy Municipal Commissioner, Health Hospitals,Medical Colleges (AMC-MET),Family Welfare, Physiotherapy, I.C.D.S.,Central Medi. Stores,Central Store,K.L.F.D.,Zoo & Balvatika 25452252
Deputy Municipal Commissioner (North West Zone,AMRUT, jnNURM, Water and Drainage Project, Water Distribution / Water Distribution (O&M), Water Harvesting, Sewage ,S.T.P,NRCP & TCIDS,Central Laboaratory, Light & Energy Efficiency) 25391854
Deputy Municipal Commissioner (North Zone , Election, School Board /Sec. School/ Sans. Path Shala, Muni. Girls High School, M.D.M Scheme, U.C.D, Swimming Pool, Vyayam Vidhyalaya, Gymnasium, Library& Bal Bhavan) RTI & Pub grievance Redressal,CM Swagat,Sankalp Siddhi 22801182
Deputy Municipal Commissioner (West Zone , Finance, Budget, Museum & Sanskar Kendra, S.P.Stadium, Parks & Garden,AMTS,AJL-BRTS 25399195
InCharge Deputy Municipal Commissioner (Central Zone) Heritage 25391811/754
InCharge Deputy Municipal Commissioner (South Zone) 25465255/303
InCharge Deputy Municipal Commissioner (South West Zone) 26841205/160
Assistant Municipal Commissioner (East Zone) 22970422/233
Assistant Municipal Commissioner (West Zone) 27550584/235
Assistant Municipal Commissioner (North West Zone)
Assistant Municipal Commissioner (North Zone) 22801182/333

Health Department

Medical Officer of Health (I/C) 25391811
Addl. MOH- North Zone, Central Zone, East Zone 22801182
Addl. MOH – West Zone, South Zone, South West Zone & North West Zone 27553661
Deputy Health Officer- South Zone 25465255
Deputy Health Officer – North Zone 22821676
Deputy Health Officer – Central Zone 25391811
Deputy Health Officer “APEDEMIC MALARIYA”
Deputy Health Officer – South West Zone 26841204
Deputy Health Officer – West Zone 27551292
Deputy Health Officer – East Zone 22970356
Registrar Health( Birth & Death) 25391811
Deputy Health Officer – North West Zone

Urban Health Center Department

Addl. MOH 25391811
Add Charge Family Welfare Officer 25506185
I/C.Assistant Entomologist 32984187

Tax Department

Assessor and Tax Collector (Prop.Tax +Prof.Tax+ Vehivcle Tax+ Shops and Establishment Department) 25391811
Deputy Assessor and Tax Collector – East Zone(I/C) & Prof Tax CO 22970422
Deputy Assessor and Tax Collector – South Zone 25465255
Deputy Assessor and Tax Collector -North Zone 22801182
Deputy Assessor and Tax Collector – Central Zone 25391811
Deputy Assessor and Tax Collector – West Zone 27552047
Deputy Assessor and Tax Collector – South West Zone 26841204
I/C Deputy Assessor and Tax Collector – North West Zone

Engineering Department

C.E(WRM) 25391811
(I/C) City Engineer &Add CE( Road/Bridge Project) 25323338
General Menager( SRFDCL)+ Smart City (GM) 32520816
Addl. City Engineer , Drainage Project, Water Project 25391811
Addl. City Engineer , North Zone + Housing Project 22801182
Addl. City Engineer , South Zone+SWM 25465255
Addl. City Engineer , NRCP + CHC+UHC + AANGANWADI COORDI. WORK 25391811
Addl. City Engineer, Central Zone, Heritage Cell 25352586
Addl. City Engineer,North West Zone 26841207
Addl. City Engineer, South WesT Zone + MP + MLA + UHC + Suchalay co-ordination 26841207
I/C Addl. City Engineer , West Zone 27550910
I/C Addl. City Engineer ,East Zone 22970355
Dy. City Engineer,Traffic 25391811


Add Chief Engineer (light) DUDH.WAT.WARK & WAT.PROJ.SUPERVISION 25391811
Add Chief Engineer (W O E & M ) 25391811
Add Chief Engineer (LIGHT BUILDING + LIGHT MAINTENANCE) 25391811
Add Chief Engineer (Electrical )(Street Light & Project) 25391811
Add Chief Engineer (S.T.P) 25391811

Estate, TDO Department

DETP + SWM 25351036
CCP+ EO + GM Planning, Smart City 25351036
TDO + BPSP 25931811
Deputy Estate Officer, South West Zone 26841204
Deputy Estate Officer – South Zone 22970422
Deputy Estate Officer – Central Zone 25931811
Deputy Estate Officer – West Zone 27553661/27550884
Deputy Estate Officer and T.D.O – North Zone 22801182
Deputy Estate Officer and T.D.O(TDO CO) 25391811
Deputy Estate Officer North West Zone
Dy.HOD Non Tax Revenue 25391811
I/C Deputy Estate Officer – East Zone 25465255

Housing Cell

Housing Cell + Metro/BRTS/co-ordination 25391811/811
Housing Cell 25391811/811
Assistant Manager 25391811/811

Solid Waste Management Department

Director – SWM 25350841
Assistant Director EZ
Assistant Director West Zone
Assistant Director North West Zone
Assistant Director Central Zone
Assistant Director North Zone
Assistant Director South Zone
Assistant Director South West Zone


Director ( Vigilance) 25391811

Parks and Garden Department

Director, Parks and Garden 25390501

Urban Community Development Department

HOD – UCD 26581849

CNCD Department

HOD 25359650
Assistant Manager 25359650
Add Charge Superintendent 25359650

Swimming Pool Department / Vyayam Vidyalay Department

Manager Recreation (Swimming Pool / Vyayam Vidyalay) 25507880
I/C Deputy Superintendent 25507880
I/C Principal / Vyayam Vidyalay 25453591

Central Workshop

Joint Director(Mechanical) 079-32982380

Account Department

Chief Accountant 25391811


I/C GM (ADM) 27550584/235
GM (TEC) 27550403

Ahmedabad Junmarg Ltd (BRTS)

GM (OPERATION) 27560099
Add City Engineer BRTS 25391811


Ad.Chief A/C Project 25391811

Planning Department

Director Planning 25391811

Labour Officer

Labour Officer 25391811


Sr.Legal Assistant 25391811

Election Department

Election Officer 26574574


Manager (E-Gov) 25391811

Fire & Emergency Service

Chief Fire Officer 22148466
Add. Chief Fire Officer 22148466

Official Website: https://ahmedabadcity.gov.in/portal/index.jsp


Director of AMC (MET) 26579185

Central Stores

Add Charge Supdt.of Central Stores 25390730