7-Eleven Australia Corporate Head Office, Phone Number and Email Address

7-Eleven is one of the most popular petrol and convenience retailer chains in Australia. The headquarters of 7-Eleven is located in Melbourne, Australia. The company was founded in the year 1977. Currently, Mr. Angu Mckay is serving as the CEO of 7-Eleven. 7-Eleven is currently counted as third largest private company in Australia.

You can find its stores in several locations at Victoria, NSW, ACT, Western Australia and more, it has about 700 stores in Australia. You can choose store location nearby your home if you are planning for a little hangout with your family. In this section, you can find 7-Eleven headquarters address, Customer Service Address, Media Relations contacts and more. So, let’s see!

7-Eleven Australia
7-Eleven Australia, Photo Credit: 7-Eleven

Corporate Headquarters Contact Information

Here in this section, we have mentioned 7-Eleven headquarters address info. You can post your suggestions, concerns, feedback and related mails at the given address, please note details of 7-Eleven Head Office Address: 2/658 Church Street, Cremorne VIC 3121, Australia.

You can also call at 7-Eleven headquarters phone to get quick response to your queries, please dial: +61-3-9541-0711.

Customer Service Email and Phone

To get in touch with 7-Eleven Customer Support team, you can use the given email address: 24-7customerservice@7eleven.com.au or call at the official phone line for 7-Eleven Customer Support. Please dial: 1800 247 711.

The given contact information can be used to post your concerns, complaints, for general inquiries about company’s services or stores location.

Media Enquiries Email and Phone

If you belong o any media group or press, this information is for you. You can get in touch with 7-Eleven Media Relations team by email.

Here is the email address you can use for media inquiries or requests: mediaqueries@7eleven.com.au. For urgent questions or deadlines, you can call the concerned team at: 1800 655 160.

Whistleblower Protection Officers (WPOs)

Here we have mentioned the contact details of Whistleblower Protection Officers, please note it down:  Yo can contact James Wyatt (General Counsel) by email for related concerns. Here is the Email address: juw@7eleven.com.au.

To get in touch with David Gorton (Head of Risk and Assurance), please send your email at: dvg@7eleven.com.au.

For Environmental Issues

You can get in touch with Mr. Michael Hobday, (Asset, Construction and Environment Manager) for queries and related concerns by email. Please note down the email address: mvh@7eleven.com.au.

For Health and Safety Issues

For concerns regarding health and safety matters, please contact Mr. Charles Griffin (Workplace Health and Safety Manager) by email, here is the email address you can use: cvg@7eleven.com.au.

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